What must I DO to be SAVED?

There can be a debate about how we are saved — whether it is believing on Jesus or accepting Jesus. Whether it’s inviting Jesus into your heart or calling on the Lord to save you. Whether it’s accepting the gift … Continue reading

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Once Saved, Always Saved — But HEAVY on the ONCE Saved

I seem to find myself in a lot of debates over people attacking the doctrine of once saved, always saved. Religion tells you, you can hope you have lived good enough and someday you may be eligible for heaven.   But … Continue reading

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Death becomes us

Why is there such evil in the world? It’s because of sin and the fall.   Man was meant to live forever but once sin came death entered in. Romans 5:12-21 says 12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the … Continue reading

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Jesus changed my desires, my direction, and my destiny!

There is hope for you. I was saved from lifelong addiction that started in 3rd grade when I found a collection of hidden pornography magazines, and led me down a dark and lonely path trapped in fantasy land and bondage … Continue reading

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Church of Confusion

God is not the author of confusion. My argument in this post is this — when the American church acts Christian, lost Americans would know and want to go to the church in time of need. Adventure is out there, … Continue reading

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When you gave everything- must you lose everything?

Looking for prayer to start with — I have two things that are crucial to clear up in what seems like dead end after dead end as I try to find a pharmacist position so we don’t lose our home. … Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry

You have heard that expression, laugh or cry.    There was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was a California Camel so straws weren’t allowed. I have reached the point I’d throw in the towel, only it … Continue reading

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Time for Christians to be Christians

The Bible says in 1st John 3: 18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in DEED and in truth. One thing I have observed over the years is this.    We live in … Continue reading

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It hurts to be real

I googled, “I am a christian but I don’t like people” and read a good post and this was the reply I wrote. I am writing perhaps out of therapy for myself, and also maybe to encourage someone else. It … Continue reading

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Network Marketing is a Great Business Model — for the Business

I just abandoned ship – the MLM ship.  I was heavily into Network Marketing for 5 years, first with an Energy company and then with this supplement one promising that they figured out a way to solve the aging problem.  … Continue reading

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