If I am missing any of the Doctorines of “Facebook Christian theologians” let me know.
These are just some of the SECTS and GROUPS out there emphasizing their slant on what is essential for salvation.

These include:

Hyper Calvinists. Who believe you need to be part of the elect and if you are not, tough luck.   
Calling Jesus by his Hebrew name.   
Sabbath keeping.   
Vegan/meat abstaining.  
Post-trib rapture.   
Rapture of all those who have completely repented and are Living perfect.  
Those that teach if you endure to the end you will be saved.  
Catholic keeping the sacraments.  
Needing baptism to be saved.  
Seeing Jesus as a helper to get you to heaven but you have to do your part.   
Sinless perfection.   
Stop sinning and come to Jesus.  
Speaking in tongues.   
Getting baptized with the Holy Ghost.
Do you know what ALL these have in common?
All of these claim to be the true missing ingredient for true salvation.   They don’t deny Jesus saves BUT it’s “Jesus and….”.   
Think of it like this:
Jesus said He is THE door to salvation.  
Now instead of just Jesus being the door and behind the door and in front of the door  – picture someone standing directly in front of that door-  blocking the direct path to Jesus.  
And while they may believe Jesus is still the door – they will have a hard time letting you past THEM.
And they will not really understand how you got around them just to Jesus alone.
But it’s not by works of righteousness we have done but by his mercy He saves us.  
What must I DO to be saved? 
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.
Not believe and be baptized.  Not believe and call on the Hebrew name of Jesus.  Not believe and stop eating meat.  Not believe and obey the sabbath.   Not believe and keep the commandments.   Not believe and be one of the elect. 
It’s not JESUS and whatever.    
There is nothing you can add to salvation.
Jesus paid it all.  And if you are honest you will see that deceitful workers and sects and false teachers and false religions add something to the simplicity that is in Christ – and that lifts them up and gives them something to boast about.
Whatever your hobby horse you are riding to the gates of Heaven- get off.  And see that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.
And He enough is sufficient. 

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