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Stats and Solutions

The church is in Trouble. That is a capital T which rhymes with P which stands for….. PORN. Houston, and America, and everywhere else we have a PORN problem. It’s the elephant in the church. It’s the elephant in the … Continue reading

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Simplicity of Salvation

The idea of salvation is not meant to be confusing-  but “we” complicate it big time.One way we do that is by EMPHASIZING following one particular command or practice and using it NOT only as a Geiger counter for our … Continue reading

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Marriage – Marriage is what Brings us together today.

Here are some marital lessons today.Married men live longer than single men so there even are health benefits to being married!  I know I can credit Jesus and my wife for anything good coming out of me. There are great emotional … Continue reading

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The TRUTH will LEAD you to JESUS in a WORLD of LIES

The American sheeple puts up with 24/7 fear mongering from the media and obeys their every word –  but it’s 99.999% LIES – and a mix of half truths- or slight of hands. The whole world may or may not be … Continue reading

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On the Fence with Flat Earth?

Some may be still on the fence with Flat Earth. Your head will be spinning when you find the earth is NOT. You can find a LOT of posts here plus there are maybe 10 or so blog posts if … Continue reading

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It is still a Wonderful LIFE?

Someone commented on a post today that if the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup this year, it will change their life. It got me thinking – these guys that achieve success, say winning the Stanley Cup or getting discovered … Continue reading

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The Recipe for RECOVERY

  Back in 2001 I just got saved out of a lifelong sex/porn/lust addiction/lifestyle that began in 3rd grade. The road to recovery isn’t a straight line most of the time.  There will be bumps in the road.  There will … Continue reading

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Hurts in church – and HURTS BY THE CHURCH

If you do any kind of ministry or are willing to hear people’s stories, it is amazing all the heavy things that happen to people over the years, especially in church. I am wondering if you would be willing to … Continue reading

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Can you help get the WORD out? Part 1

HELP. Something I hate asking for.  Something I don’t know how to do. Yet, I have big ideas God has put on my heart and in these early stages, it needs support. PRAYER SUPPORT!! Referral Support What Is on my … Continue reading

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Less than a YEAR away from the RAPTURE?

Matthew 24 seems to be the biggest chapter people use to negate a Pre Trib Rapture but the more you study Matthew 24 the more it will actually prove a Pre Trib Rapture. It’s confusing but remember Jesus is asked … Continue reading

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