Should Christians use HALOWEEN to reach people with the GOSPEL?

Regarding the debate on what should the Christian approach to Halloween be

–Here is my imperfect thoughts on this —The bible says a couple of things that cover two totally opposite positions one could hold -For example, the bible says we can freely celebrate feasts and holidays and eat any food with Thanksgiving- and we aren’t to judge each other in regards to those days or our diets -AND it also says to have nothing to do with evil and to be separate and “those that hate me (GOD) love death“.

IF you want to take a stand against what I say, you have bible.

If I want to stand and say I am right, I have bible.

So what position is TRUE?

I would rather err on the side of where JESUS lines up – over and over in the BIBLE -JESUS tore the hide off the Pharisees and those that were “right with the letter of the LAW” – as they totally missed the SPIRIT of the LAW. I am more ABOUT the SPIRIT of the LAW. For example, we can either be insulated from the world or isolated. Isolation is putting kids in Christian schools – Insulation is putting them in a Public school to be a witness. Are both right? Are both wrong? I would say it depends on your heart.

The bible says the plowing of the wicked is SIN. So do we NOT plow? Should we start telling people they are wrong to plow?

Or is there the spirit of the law that you need to rightly interpret what this is saying?

The attitude of the HEART determines the nature of the ACT. If my hearts desire is to reach kids with the gospel, and I am handing out candy and gospel tracts and I have plain pumpkins outside because I love God’s creation and colored leaves with fall decor and I have no witches and goblins and death – is that wrong vs. someone who takes the law literally and shuts the lights off and hides from the kids?

What is that person’s attitude toward the neighbor next to him giving out tracts? Is he praying for those tracts that went out? Is his heart toward kids coming to salvation? Is he witnessing to them then at other times in the year?

OR is he likely thinking he is better for hiding out and he probably didn’t witness once this year but he has all the bible to defend himself, yes?

I won’t say my position is absolutely right, but like I said, I will err toward what JESUS would likely do with an event like Halloween vs. what the Pharisees would do.

And yes Jesus would turn over tables when needed – BUT just maybe JESUS would be turning over the table of that Pharisee before he would turn over the table of a lost neighbor having candy – or a Believer handing out candy.

Do we have that heart of JESUS to save and seek that which is LOST – or do we have the hard heart of a PHARISEE?



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