Slaying the Elephant in the CHURCH

If you are NOT a Christian- maybe sit this post out.  Or read it if you want.
Porn usage in the Church today is pretty deep and it’s the elephant in the church.  A 10 Year study shows 60-70% of men in an evangelical church regularly look at porn and 40-50% of Pastors.
Like Adam and Eve- when there is sin the natural tendency is to hide and cover it up with self righteousness.  
Trying harder doesn’t work.  Keeping it hidden doesn’t work.
And for the most part it’s NOT about sex- it’s how we medicate the pain.    I was a porn addict from 3rd grade.  I was set free at age 26 from a Multiple-times-a-day addiction – but it took almost 20 years to know how not to relapse and to know how to help others.
You can’t do it alone.  Porn exposure and other forbidden sex and masturbation tend to be the experience of most teens and pre-teens today.   There were temptations and opportunity when I was a kid- but now you can find porn on your phone and your video games and on demand on cable and computers.  I can’t imagine where I would be if I got addicted in my youth in today’s world.
When exposed in adolescence the hormones God designed us with- oxytocin and dopamine etc- get released with porn or solo sex or abuse – and those were designed to cause us to be bonded to our wives in the safety of marriage.
Marriage doesn’t fix things if you already locked your brain on the forbidden in your adolescence.   It will simply expose this addiction and make you face it or lose everything. 
And when painful events happen etc. our brains demand the sex of our youth.
It takes a full recovery process to reprogram and heal the brain.   It takes right brain and left brain engagement and about 2-4 years of sobriety to essentially rewire it and create new pathways. You can be free in about 90 days but it takes a long time for true healing at the brain level.   
It also takes facing the past hurts and facing life head on and regularly reaching out to Jesus and others instead of porn.
Victory is possible and men can completely recover.   30% of women struggle too so it’s not just a guy thing.
Victory in Jesus – yes- but it’s not done in secret.
And Revelation 2 shows that until a church  repents of its sexual immorality it will be powerless against the nations.
The reason the world is going to hell is because the church is busy about everything except dealing with that Elephant.
Until that happens this world will keep going toward total destruction.
There is a cause- both for the sake of our legacy and family as well as the church family and the world as well.
It’s much deeper than just stopping pornography.  And we need each other to truly be free.

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