Prickly when we don’t get our FACE in the BOOK but stay on FACEBOOK

I would say the best word to describe me the past few days is PRICKLY. I have been prickly for a while. I definitely sympathize with those drinking the Qool Aid because you want that idea that there is someone coming to swoop down at the last minute and save you.
That’s why we love the SuperHero Movies. We root for Captain America and Iron Man and Spiderman — a lot of these guys are normal regular folks and then they get a special suit (AntMan) or a special radioactive spider bite (Batman. Just kidding. Batman is not a Superhero. He’s more like Inspector Gadget) or whatever.
We read the bible and yet I think we still want that happy ending NOW. We don’t want the 3 hour middle sequel where everything looks bleak and hopeless and they leave you hanging (IE Avengers Infinity War) – we just want to be spared from any bad that is coming, we don’t want it to hit close to home, and the only reason we welcome judgment perhaps is when we get prickly and sick of the foolishness and the lies and the ways the devil won’t fight fair.
I was very prickly. I woke up prickly. Instead of getting in my bible and dealing with my frustrations, I pulled a Jonah yet again. Running away from God to Tarshish, only for me it’s running to FACEBOOK instead of running to get my FACE in the BOOK and in doing so I am ready to sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch God send fire from heaven. And mad that He won’t.
Now the Bernie pics helped snap me out of my ticked off state at the world. I saw a few and started laughing and then I posted a few and other people started laughing. And I was soon out of my dark cloud and realizing I was right perhaps, but I had lost my joy.
HINT – this is not the post when you take my vulnerability and stomp on it. God deals with me – so if you see a bad attitude from me or see me venting, pray for me. I get worn out, I get discouraged. I can’t find a pharmacy job either and it seems that ship has sailed, yet I have some solid business endeavors and for some reason other Christians think you want to starve. They will shop at stores that push the LGBT agenda, they will shop at Target and drink Starbucks, but as soon as a Christian asks them to support their business all of a sudden they can’t because they disagree with them on 0.05% of what they believe.
I co-signed a loan for my brother in law in El Paso – and even paid 2 or 3 of his payments a few years back. One business I have is offering an energy discount to people in deregulated states. I simply will review their bill and see if I can help them (Texas and Illinois are the ones I have seen the biggest savings but NY saves but we can only offer GREEN energy in NY) save money. If I can’t help him, there’s no obligation. It’s a free way to show your support – and he won’t even do that. I bought my other brother in law a car when he came up a few years ago and they stayed in our home for months – and he too won’t even be my customer.
And….I’m getting prickly again.
OK, anyway, I am trying to say I am wrong to get irritated at the world and it’s very easy to get in that spot. Over and over.
The idea of waiting for JESUS to come straighten all this out seems like we can’t wait that long.
And instead of praying and focusing on our hearts and wanting to evangelize and get people saved, it is very attractive to want a Super Q to come down and fix everything right now and give us some more time to enjoy this world.
And maybe get back to the movies and world of make believe.
And that, I think, is why so many hold on to the world of make believe they have created for us down here – Welcome to the Matrix, we got fun and games.
And Bread and circuses.
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Tell me lies in the news, and in kindergarten, and on TV, and from the government, and from the doctor, and from “scientists” and government astronauts and Qanon and the Right Wing of the big serpent the Devil, and Hollywood. And we even like the lies in church. Especially the prosperity Get-your-best-life-know televangelists who emphasize their pearly whites over the pearly gates. Let’s live it up down here and punch in our ticket to heaven when it’s time. There’s no rush.
So that really is why they don’t want to hear the truth about COVID or conspiracy or CGI planes on 9/11 or CGI Planets or someone trying to burst their bubble on their beloved informant Qutie Pie.
I get it.
It is hard to have the heart and attitude of JESUS. Remember I said I was prickly like Jonah earlier. It is NOT easy or natural to have HIS perspective on things. To be a friend of publicans and sinners – especially when they are hostile to you for your posts and your truth. Especially when they unfriend you and mock you and don’t support you even though you gave them your coat and went 2 miles and gave them a car so they could drive the rest of the way.
I don’t know where I am going with all of this.
Just I understand how easy it is to buy into the divide and conquer. And to fall for wanting a Superhero to come and fix things and spare us from hard times. I don’t like rejection. I don’t like how so many people seem to find fast success in business or ministry and I am begging God to save our home and figure out what to do and it seems to fall on deaf ears.
Waiting for JESUS promises to come through can get us to talk to the Witch at Endor. Or to miss the Messiah because they were expecting the Conquering King the first time and not a babe in a manger. Or to fall for the shenanigans of Q.
The bible tells us that Jesus is not wiling that any should perish. He is extending his hand and saying, COME. He is extending his hand and telling us to invite more to the Ark. Jesus is the Ark today and He is trying to get us to invite a few more.
A storm is coming. Q won’t stop it. Trump won’t stop it. And I am not poking fun at those who “fell for it.” Because I too would have fallen for it too, but I seen too many red flags to be able to get my hopes up.
And that is a lot of why I have been so prickly, just like those photos of Mr. Bernie.
I knew I couldn’t put any hope in Q and I knew I couldn’t put any hope in TRUMP, but now that I see that is exactly how it all played out, I am not gloating in this. I am prickly.
And understanding while I want to go on Facebook and feel the BERN, I need to get to JESUS to have his heart for the people who are still here. And have a heart to warn them and win them.
Prickly me, just says, this whole world can just Bern, baby, Bern.
I need more JESUS, for sure. And for this world to be a bed of roses, you have to know that every rose has it’s thorns. That crown of thorns, and for some reason, the thorns eliminate you from being so prickly.
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