Kung Flu Fighting

We may be Kung Flu fighting now – meaning Christian and non Christian alike are fighting and arguing over the Kung FLU – or COVID 19.
This isn’t just arguing anymore – there are threats and wars and rumors of wars and protests and violence and no MAN is going to bring peace and safety but the AntiChrist will sure promise it.
So has this strange informant named Q.
I heard of this mysterious informant named Q over a year ago and was intentionally slow to form a decision but after seeing clear dated promises  after Promises fail to come to pass I have formed the opinion that Q is what is known as controlled opposition.
You may recognize the term “good cop/bad cop.”  The global elite who run this world – essentially under the god of this world- Satan himself- own the 6 corporations who own the media and it seems they intentionally set us against each other to divide and conquer.
With media and lies from both sides- we literally could be in a fake War of the Worlds and you don’t know what is true and what is staged and what is misinformation to lead us astray.
I can fall for false clues just like you but from what I can tell Q’s main accomplishment was keeping the gun toting Conservatives from revolting as they patiently waited for the promise of “Trump draining the swamp” and “Trump is using COVID as a cover to take down the global elite.”
We more than ever have to get a firm ability to see the Bible by faith and realize everything else could be a lie.
Conspiracy theory is simply knowing that all governments lie- so now you are trying to sift through the evidence and find out what is true.  My first hard rule in finding the truth is to first rule out the impossible.
Then you can gather clues and find the best evidence.  If the conclusions upset the brethren or put us in a world we don’t want to be in or make us disillusioned with our worldly country -so be it.
We who demand truth are not the enemy but we are often treated like one.
9/11 is a big one.  Some immediately reject it as absurd to question the official narrative- but question it!! Here is what we are told – once upon a time lived a Caveman, on dialysis, now buried at sea.  And this caveman got cell phone reception and found amateur pilots to hijack commercial airplanes armed with just box cutters  and indestructible passports who were able to maneuver past the most sophisticated air defense in the world on an impossible flight pattern and fly magically through steel buildings and with 2 planes cause 3 WTC towers to fall demolition style leaving little but nanothermite and passports on the scene.
Never mind NO footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon and just a missle hole at the Pentagon.  Never mind the “plane” in Pennsylvania just magically vaporized and left not one piece of wreckage.
Now when you rule out the impossible you can put together the clues.  The impossible was for ANY planes to be used on 9/11.   The evidence is explosives wrapped around the 3 WTC columns and when detonated they then edited in CGI planes before the footage was released.   Our government-Not big bad Muslims – did 9/11.  Bush and co.    Get mad at me or get mad at who did it .
These same psychopaths run our country.  Are in charge of vaccine.  Are in charge of the COVID lies and manipulation.
So we can start looking to government even though the government is the ones that are trying to ruin our lives and our economy-
Or we can unite around the Bible and make America repent again.
And until the church of America is willing to repent of caring more about looking good than really being a place for sinners to get help- a place for healing instead of a place giving just tough love and a “try harder” works based sanctification and this Catholic-like exaltation of its leaders – (which creates pride and hiding of your sins because for you be real you fear you would lose your position of being esteemed –  and maybe your position itself) – Jesus will be standing outside the church.   1,000 point studies show the Churches of America have s PORN problem- 70% of members and 40% of Pastors watch porn on a regular basis- and the church doesn’t want to face it nor be a place to welcome strugglers.  Instead leaders cover for other leaders and put on an air of having it all together and many suffer in silence because they are made to feel like God only loves them by their performance – so they get trapped in a try harder trap.  I was a porn addict from 3rd grade on but after 15 years of trying to find total recovery in the church I had to find help outside for true victory.  I found out our way of dealing with sins in private doesn’t work- Jesus wants us to drag our sins to the light.
I am going somewhere with this as we are all barking up the wrong tree I would say because the Bible says in Revelation – chapter 2 – until the church will repent of its sexual Immorality- we will NOT have power over the nations – and I think that’s where it starts – and I think until the church is willing to get real and honest and become a true place of healing and restoration – then we have no business arguing about politics.
Make America Repent Again – but we need to start in the CHURCH House.
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