2021 – a Race to be run.
The work’s  just begun.
Keep our eyes on the Son.   I
Do you want to hear Well, done!?
Load the gospel gun!!!!!
And it’s ok to still have fun!!
Welcome to 2021!
It may be harder than 2020.  What if it’s as hard as 2020 but this time we don’t have any toilet paper?
Christians – We should be the most free and joyful group of people in the word.   The most thankful. The most generous.  The most sacrificial.    Why does it seem like so many of us are the saddest- loneliest – stingiest- most stressed- and most angry- walking around?
Unfortunately if we are isolated-  embracing any self-righteousness (which is the big doctrine of Internet Preachers) – trying to face secret sins alone (like porn etc) — and not reaching this world for Jesus – we will be of all men most miserable.  I also think social media also has us fighting the lost – and saved – more than being a witness with salt and light and an answer for anyone who asks us the reason for the hope that is within us.
The devil loves making us look bad.   Or feel bad.  Or do bad.   Or think bad.   He loves to see us attacking one another or jealous or hating or arguing. He wants us in bondage- angry- mad at God- and doubting our salvation.
The church – and even online Christian groups like this- should be a place of HEALING and encouragement.  Instead they are often a place of HIDING in isolation and discouragement.
Have I been an encouragement to you this year?  What more can I do to be a help?  How can we add more of the RIGHT kind of people- those who want to grow, those willing to accept truth even if it means they have to turn from things that are wrong- those who want a church-of-the-Internet sort of thing that can bring a unified message to this world in 2021?
What if we don’t get another chance – what if there is no “2022”???
Are we more prickly after the year we had?  Do we have more or less love for those we don’t agree with- Let alone LOVE for our fellow brethren?  Can we admit we need a touch from above? To care more? To care enough to do something about it?
What are some things you know God wants you to work on this year?
Love for the brethren?  Leaving isolation?  Being willing to accept help from others?  Getting back to the Bible and getting a strong devotional life?   Getting healthy again?   Getting finances back on track?  Getting victory over the flesh?  Being a witness again or for the first time?  Forgiveness toward past hurts?  Really being settled in your salvation??   Being willing to admit where you are insecure in a doctrine or two?   A root of bitterness toward the government or toward your church?
Men if you looked at porn this past year-  will you face it??    I truly believe that this is a central issue- 70% of men in an evangelical church today admit to having a porn problem.   Revelation shows that the reason the church is powerless over the nations is because of a LUST problem.   I think if the church – if Christians- if men who claim to be Christ followers – were to focus on ONE issue it would be that.    To be totally free and help others be free.
Women too struggle with porn.  If that is you- find a lady you trust and confide in her.  And get help.
I personally was a life long porn addict- I was  addicted from 3rd grade to age 26.   And after
Salvation- which was only the beginning of my recovery- it still took 20 years almost after that to learn what works long term.    The  church today wants you to try harder and fix it on your own and sweep your struggles under the rug.  The problem is monsters live in the dark.  The way of dealing with things in the dark is to keep having the same struggles but to further hide them in shame.    Those that are able to find victory only then know tough love for those that struggle.  Think Elder Brother Syndrome.  They get “victory” but have no joy and look down at others instead of being willing to bleed with others and cry with others. It becomes a Navy Seals version of Christianity where only the strongest survive.  Christianity only works when we admit our powerlessness and embrace our weakness. The church does not let you embrace your weakness today. It’s look holy and spiritual and ACT like a CHRISTIAN.  Instead of being a real disciple who has ups and downs and can be honest about them.   Jesus knows about all our struggles – why shouldn’t the brethren?
I needed Jesus- and more Jesus – and to spend time with Jesus- BUT I also needed some understanding how our brains are designed and how the devil “hijacks” it during adolescence so it’s our “go-to” default a lot of the time for huge stressors and HOW to fix my brain (modern brain and recovery science is Romans 12:1-2!!!!) – and finding a group of guys to hold you accountable and be there when you are starting to face pressures you can’t face alone – were the keys I found.  In other words real discipleship is what I needed- not just “get busy serving and try harder”.
IF you weren’t free in 2020, let 2021 be a year you get real victory.   And a real heart for others.
Let’s make 2021 a year that impacts this world.   Changes our attitudes and outlook – and gives us a real fire for the Lord- and the LOST!
Please pray for the ETVFC this year for greater impact and influence.   Please pray and please invite people to the Facebook group who this ministry can help! under End Times Vol Fire Co  .
And pray about being a bigger witness and influence yourself this year!
Eternity is just around the corner!!
MJI and the ETVFC
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