Conspiracy 201

I will call this Conspiracy 201.
The first thing you need to know –  Conspiracy theories reject the official narrative that the Media and Government spoon feeds you.  They surround government lies usually.   Since without a doubt ALL governments worldwide LIE all the time, people should start taking some of these theories much more seriously.
Years ago there were people who rejected what 99% of people just swallowed hook, line, and sinker.   The moon landing was questioned by a few “whackos” it seemed.  9/11 was questioned by some UnPatriotic people- “How dare you!”   To claim no one died at Sandy Hook is intolerant and hateful!  Think of those poor children!
However, no matter what conclusion the investigation of the truth leads  you to, we should be willing to accept the truth. To cover for lies, to embrace lies because we don’t want to live in a world where pure psychopaths rule the world – well that shouldn’t affect our willingness and zeal for truth.   We don’t not let it destroy us – it should increase our loyalty for the heavenly country, first and foremost.  It should be a fascinating study.  It should influence whether we will blindly obey the government when they tell us to wear masks, and social distance, and shut down the small corner stores, and yet it’s perfectly safe to shop at Wal Mart.
We need to learn to question what we are spoon fed.  How did Nixon call the moon from a land line phone when we lose our cell phone service 3 miles outside of town?  That is a conundrum by itself.    How did they get to the moon on 1960’s technology and then they claim they never made it back because they lost the technology?  They must have had the same government video team that missed the footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide”.  And what is shocking is how many people accept their ridiculous lies.   Two planes brought down THREE World Trade Center towers.  Not two. THREE.  Never forget WTC #7.
This is a bit advanced Conspiracy info below but I think this will be helpful.   If you are one who refuses to be lied to, let me know what helped you over the years know how to navigate through some of the challenges of not knowing what is going on totally but knowing “they” are lying about some or all of it.
I suspect the elite will torment this world with a FAKE alien invasion as soon as they get bored tormenting us with a FAKE viral invasion.
Whatever COVID is- if it’s a Bio-engineered Flu or 5G toxicity or the actual flu they just renamed- it’s NOT going away until they want it to.
But I do think we need to be careful in how we word things and how we treat others who are more terrified of the virus while we who stand for truth tend to be more terrified of the government.
A way to look at Conspiracy Theory is by your WORLD view-  your world view causes you to interpret the same “evidence” differently. We all have a BIAS – it’s just what bias do we take.  Mine is the fact the Media lies and the government lies so my bias is to assume they are lying until proven otherwise.
However that means I can miss the times they are telling the truth- or more likely I have trouble seeing the truth when they give a half truth.   The other challenge is it’s hard for me to have compassion for anyone who is mesmerized by the government or media.
I wrote these out – lessons I leaned over the years – and I hope this helps.   It’s easier to go to extremes- but usually the Christian has to drive right in the middle- secure in his stand, willing to adjust his lane on the road, being willing to help the stranded Motorists who landed in the ditch- and not having road rage from the other drivers going all over the road.
And just an FYI on Conspiracy truths-  there are a few principles I follow.
1) First is the official story is never the official story. BUT the real official story may not be clear for years.
2) Usually all you know for sure is to first rule out the impossible and then start seeing what theory fits the best- but be willing to change your theory as new truth is uncovered.
In other words you can have any theory you want once you rule out the impossible but once you discover new revelations or evidence then you need to revamp your theory.
3) What really is going on or what really happened is NOT usually immediately clear and it might take years to figure out and you may never know the whole picture.
4) It’s usually NOT wise to take the extreme position, especially at first.   We know that COVID is a hoax, but some take the extreme and say there is no such thing as a virus.  If anyone has children and sees them suddenly get a stomach bug all of a sudden and the kids that drank from Johnny’s glass are all throwing up that night and those that didn’t touch his glass are fine, know there is truth to viruses, bacteria, and germs.     BUT there will be experts who take the conspiracy level to the point of lunacy and people will jump on it and then you will just have to prove that part wrong, and then the whole truth is questioned.    Beware the extremes that come from both sides.
Usually the truth is in the middle.
5) If you do take a very polarizing stand on something make sure you have solid evidence for your claim.  The extreme stand doesn’t always mean you are wrong – just take it slow and wait for as much evidence as you can.  For example, it’s very extreme to say there were NO PLANES at all used on 9/11.   But as the years went by I saw more and more evidence that this was the case.  Such as the pictures of the planes crashing into the building- look CGI for sure and that fits the other truths that planes can’t magically fly through steal structures.  Then you see photos of Cartoon planes crashing THROUGH the back of the WTC tower.  You see missile trajectory at the Pentagon crash site and not one shred of evidence a plane crashed in the Pennsylvania field.
You had the impossibility of the official story- a very radical conspiracy theory- and now you had good reason to believe that was the best explanation once you saw legit footage of the “plane” impact.   It becomes detective work using the conclusion that best fits the evidence you have access to.  Now you can realistically rule out real planes but you heard passengers in hysterics – so you can reasonably conclude it was made-for-tv acting with scripts done in a studio perhaps with crisis actors who signed secrecy oaths for the protection of justice or whatever.
6) Governments lie all the time- so it is reasonable to assume at best you are giving half truths and a spin that best supports their agenda.   However it doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to what they are saying.  Don’t reject the baby with the bathwater.
7) Expect some controlled opposition to throw some wild theories out there to make you pounce on them – and then they can be proven wrong and then your credibility is questioned.
8.) Watch to still be sensitive to what others go through.   I don’t like calling COVID a total hoax because I know families who had loved ones get sick and even die this past year.    That was traumatic- and they died alone a lot of times.  My friends grandfather died while having to say good bye over a phone.   My wife had some horrible ailment in September and tested positive for COVID.     You don’t know if it’s just the flu renamed or if it’s a bioengineered virus from  a lab in China or something that was released by plane or whatever.   But to say it’s not real is heartless and makes us look uncaring.  People are dying- we just don’t know the real story.
We know they are lying- but we can use the real fear of the unknown to build a bridge to Jesus- instead of a cold wall because “COVID isn’t real.”
Something out there is real- And how they are using it to take our rights away is REAL.   The humanity part of this is where we need to focus on.
There is enough division going on-  we can focus on what unites and brings people the gospel.
And bottom line, know the TRUTH is NOT a CONSPIRACY.
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