On the Fence with Flat Earth?

Some may be still on the fence with Flat Earth. Your head will be spinning when you find the earth is NOT.
You can find a LOT of posts here plus there are maybe 10 or so blog posts if you search “flat earth” on this blog.
But my Christmas gift to you is I will give some quick things here.
But first- think for a second- how do you KNOW we live on a round spinning globe hurtling through the universe?
Do you feel it spinning? Can you tell the earth is moving (Um, the answer is yes- it’s called an earth quake. So why don’t you feel it other times?)
Have you ever seen water bend or does water fill it’s container – and “act” level?
Do you just believe it because that is what you were told your whole life and you saw images that looked real??
But does Star Wars look real?
If you were told growing up that Star Wars worlds were real and people made fun of you for questioning things how would you discover the truth?
What reason do you have to believe we live on a spinning hurtling ball besides these reasons-
1) “Everyone believes it.”  (Well, why then will you never meet an EX-Flat Earther? Why when you become a Flat Earther after believing in a spinning globe your whole life you NEVER go back???)
2) Lifelong indoctrination – IE – a plastic GLOBE in every class room
3) the assumption that the science is settled.  Actually the science is only BOUGHT.   And if you know anything right now it’s this – you cannot trust government anything.  Not government spacemen, not government doctors, not government teachers.
Explain theories we never thought to question and see how they are actually used to explain the impossible- think gravity for a second – first it’s something that buoyancy and density can just as well explain- so how do you explain gravity?
If you have the earth spinning 1,000 MPH one direction how can a plane FLY one direction in an hour and not have a 1,000 Mile difference going the other direction? How can a helicopter hover above the earth for 2 hours and not be 2,000 miles off it’s course?
How can something be so strong it glues upside down Australian cargo ships to Australian oceans and yet its weak enough to allow Australian butterflies to fly and Australian fish to swim? How do upside Australians not get light headed? How is Australian gravity be so selective it keeps a 200 Pound Australian from dropping off into the Abyss of space but he can hop up as freely as an uptight, I mean upright, American?
Do you see how much of this is assumption and the big numbers mesmerize your brain so you can’t rationally think about the impossibilities?
Now take the Bible- the Bible gives a clear Hebrew cosmology concept- the Bible honestly teaches a FLAT round earth on pillars that doesn’t move- the Bible says it’s covered by a glass dome firmament with the sun moon and start inside- above the firmament is waters and above that is heaven. The Bible says the earth doesn’t move- but says the sun moves.
Isaiah says the earth is a circle- in later verses Isaiah uses the word BALL to describe something that is a BALL.
The Bible says the earth is surrounded by the ice wall that we call Antarctica. The idea of infinite space and infinite planets and infinite solar systems is not Bible- it’s part of the Big Bang theory and they use CGI, Hollywood special effects, etc to fool you with space. Google Planets or satellites- they are all CGI IMAGES.
We faked the moon landing- and there is plenty of common sense evidence to show we never made it to the moon.
There is big reason they want to hide God and hide God’s creation. And movies like the Truman show will show you reality – and “reality” will show you Hollywood.
It’s wild but it’s also exciting when you can see it for yourself.
But keep trusting government spacemen and government own news and government funded education if that floats your boat. Join a tribe of upside down Australians. Enjoy your “satellite” phone that doesn’t work when you go up a mountain. Have at it.
Your position won’t change mine. It’s already been changed
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