You can’t handle the truth. And I can’t either.

I heard on more than one occasion that you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

But it will first make you miserable.

It is a little bit like the game of Jumanji.  The Robin Williams 1995 film where two kids play a magical game and release a man trapped for decades in it as well as many dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.  Once you get started, you can’t stop.

But playing the game will have severe and dire consequences.

So it is best to simply run.  And stop reading.

But we have to find out the ending, don’t we.  Curiosity killed the cat.  And will make the truth-seeker discouraged and disillusioned.  Like the soldier who went to war and found out he was actually on the enemies team.   His own.  And when he returns and sees all the pro-team propaganda he wants to puke and run.

I am writing this as my own therapy.  Please do not read this.  I can’t help  you, I can barely help myself.

Whateever the topic the theme is the same.  When it comes to conspiracy truth, here is THE truth.  The real explanations are fairly easy to discover.  The truth is easy to uncover.  The truth will be convincing and eye-opening.

What is the problem?

I have found there are several.  First, it is like a stack of Dominoes.  When one thing falls, everything will fall.  When you see the government has basically lied about everything, you won’t trust one thing they say.  They can tell you that tomorrow is Tuesday and I will wonder if tomorrow is Friday.  They can say the sky is blue and I will go get my eyes tested.

The only way I would believe that we now live on a spinning ball would be if NASA announced that the world is now flat.

So you will keep discovering new truths you weren’t aware of.  Was the holocaust real? Are nuclear weapons real? Is it true that they will claim George Soros rigged the election (he owns 15 state’s voting machines) for Donald Trump and that will be magically discovered just before inauguration and Obama will declare marital law and stay in office?    Do your own research.  I said I am done!

All I know is that in December 2017 Jumanji 2 is coming out and at some point National Treasure 3 will be out.

And the earth is flat.

And 9/11 is an inside job.

And no one died at Sandy Hook.

And no one died at San Bernadino.

And 9/11 was not orchestrated by a caveman on dialysis from a cell phone to coordinate 2 amateur pilots to miraculously maneuver through impossible flight patterns to cause 3 WTC towers to collapse (controlled demolition anyone?) and he is NOT buried at sea.

And Presidents are selected not elected.

And the Simpsons reveals more truth before it happens than CNN programs you to think about what just happened.

And no one died in the Orlando shootings.

Head spinning yet?

Did I tell you the earth was flat?

And we never landed on the moon.  And satellites don’t exists.  And NASA makes up planets and creates pictures of the universe and planets with CGI special effects and uses their 17 billion annual budget to feed the deception that we are not alone in this world, one big cosmic accident.

Christmas is a pagan holiday.  Santa is the devil in disguise.

Catholicism is paganized Christianity.

Second, like I said the truth is so obvious and available that the simple fact that “few” see what you see will lead to instant paranoia and make you think you are crazy.

Look at 9/11.  In Lackawanna NY there was a huge fire hitting a multiple layer building in the Bethlehem steal plant.  It burned for days.  Did it collapse?  Steel buildings do not collapse unless it is controlled demolition and there are charges placed on the columns.  And remember there were 3 buildings in WTC that supposedly 2 planes caused to fall to the ground.  Jet fuel does not melt steel beams!

Flat earth is even more obvious.  You have to instead believe the lies of the devil which appeal to the pride of life and embrace theories and high minded explanations that rule out God.  Einstein’s theory of relativity is a perfect example.  Other experiments proved the earth is not in motion and that is what real science is.  Real science is testable, and repeatable.  Instead his constant to prove the earth is in motion is simply claiming that you can’t prove the  earth is in motion.  That is science fiction.

But when you share flat-earth everyone thinks you are nuts so you start to think you must be crazy.

Third, you will have trouble fitting in.  You won’t be able to enjoy the same patriotism your other church members show.  You won’t be shaken after the next mass shooting and everyone will think you don’t care.  To simply suggest that the Holocaust may not have went down like they claim will instantly mean you are a hater.

It won’t seem fair.

And that is why you will would have your own island in the middle of nowhere if you could.

And why I am blogging instead and running from my critics on Facebook today.

And when you get deeper down the rabbit hole, you will ask yourself, Why oh why didn’t I take the red pill?

And it is for the same reason I didn’t.



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