Fake News Says Who?

I didn’t catch what he said, but President Obama was live yesterday talking about fake news.

To keep my blood from boiling, I haven’t stayed close to this announcement.  So I might not have all the “facts”.  But from what I have been hearing, the UN took over the internet recently.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but it didn’t look good.

The backbone of America has been free speech.  We used to be able to speak the truth about the politicians and the country and we weren’t bullied or threatened.  It put a healthy fear in our leaders to stay on the straight and narrow.

Now anything goes.  They lie whenever they speak, and they lie about everything that goes on in the world.  They use fake mass shootings, fake terrorist attacks, fake terrorists on dialysis in a cave with a cell phone, fake moon landings, and more.  So now that the internet is blowing the whistle, they are trembling in their boots.

Admit they lied?  Never.  New plan– let’s implement NAZI censorship.  Call it fake news.  Guess what is fake? Whatever they say isn’t their truth.  Their interpretation.

Their explanation for the world is what goes.  Evolution science is right.  We came from a big bang monkey.  The bible must be banned, so anything biblical can be considered fake news.

9/11 was an inside job that goes right to the top.  They can’t have anyone discovering that.  So all conspiracy theories and truth websites are fake news.

Snopes is liberal and biased and is the real agent of “fake news”.   But it bows down to the government and stands by all they do. So Snopes will be elevated and the source of great truth.  Kind of like what the bible is supposed to do.

Fake news will be election rigging, political corruption, vaccines causing autism, chemtrails, the idea the government is building concentration camps and ordering bullets, and the fact the Clintons have everyone that crosses them ends up dying of unusual circumstances.

Like Judge Scalia did.

So I am not trying to cause trouble, just coming up with what could be fake news.  Maybe how in the 1960’s or so the Nobel Prize was given to a man who discovered that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment and so the cure for cancer that they so “desperately” raise money for was simply forgotten.  So we remind them and that must be fake news too.

Fake news.  Like exposing NASA’s agenda and fake planets and CGI renderings.

Fake news.  Like exposing George Soros and David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothchild and the Bilderberg meetings.

Fake news like there are no weapons of mass destruction.

Fake news like Osama is not buried at sea.

And no one died at Sandy Hook.

Fake news like JESUS is COMING soon to show who really is in charge and what he thinks about their New World Order.

Fake news like the Simpsons exposes truths years before they happen.   Just a coincidence.

Fake news like the flat earth and the Antarctica treaty and Operation PaperClip and Operation Fishbowl.

Fake news.

Sure it is.

I just see that they are scared.  And fighting back.   And locking us up in our own FEMA camps isn’t too far behind.

But you won’t hear about that because that will be fake news.  And we won’t even be able to report it from our padded cell.


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