Why “we” prefer to keep on spinning

I had this minor-revelation of sorts perhaps to explain why so many Christians are hostile to flat earth.
There is the pride of life that makes man, lost or saved, appeal to the experts and the pride from admitting you are wrong.
But maybe there is more to it.
I remember a Preacher talking about how Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees and mankind in general because in man’s eyes, Jesus is a “weak God.” Humility, meekness, gentle, merciful.
They couldn’t stand that.
I think something about us loves the idea of this big, bad universe and gigantic stars bigger than the sun and endless galaxies we can get lost in.
The idea that the universe is not that is hard to handle. Watching Star Wars, etc, I am fairly convinced that most of what we see of space is fake. The images from Hubble, the photos of the universe, the “proof this provides” etc all wow and woo the world. And Christians as well.
“We are told sold that the incredible ultra sensitive recording devices of the Hubble Telescope has even discovered galaxies so far away that Man can not even comprehend such distance.
The latest image assembled by images captured by Hubble is the eXtreme Deep Field (XDF). This has allowed astronomers to discover the most distant object UDFj-39546284, an early forming galaxy at over 13.2 billion light years away when the Universe was still developing into the form we see today. (Source)
To calculate just how far away they are claiming, let’s do the math.
A light-year is the distance light travels in one year, around 9461 billion kilometres, 5879 billion miles.
5879 billion miles X 13.2 Billion = 77,603,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away!!!
So let’s say that the good Nazi’s at NASA, or NAZI, have been able to make these incredibly powerful instruments work.
What about all the space debris, cosmic dust, meterorite and micrometeorite debris, solar flares, asteroid and comet trails of ionic dust plus not so small impediments to view so far through the asteroid belt?
Wouldn’t all this affect such a super sensitive measurement device measuring 77 billion trillion miles away? Hmmm.”
The idea is this — having the universe all contained in the firmament, with the earth being the center, the sun and earth small, and the earth flat and fixed, is simple. It seems “weak”, it seems like something we can’t really boast about.
It seems to point us toward more being in awe and worship the Creator instead of the created.
And I think that might have something to do with why mankind, and Christendom, wants to run hard in the other direction.
And to keep on spinning. And spinning.
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