How is this going to end?

How is this going to end?
Short answer I don’t know.   Do they just go right to a fake alien invasion?  I don’t think that Rona is gone.  And I don’t think we get to go back to the Old Normal while they have us inches away from the New World Order.
I think that everything could be a hoax until fall hits.  Engineered riots, engineered COVID deaths, engineered removing of iconic statures and logos and everything to just get is stirred up on a daily basis.
My guess is the flu shot will have nano particles that get activated by the 5G that was installed during Rona1 but I don’t know.
I really think they are running with this false narrative and pushing the constant contradictions so hard that anyone who isn’t in a media induced coma has had enough- and then when the next wave hits with 5G and all ages start dropping like flies and you really see that real people are dying – then the panic will hit.
And then there will be total paranoia as they will blame it on those that didn’t social distance or are against vaccines etc- and this wave will be the real thing.  I think this phase Is the trial run to further divide the people and once the election hits then Rona2 comes full force.
That is just my guess
Well, there are a couple variables that could make it go another direction but I think with the Bible in one hand and the news or FB in the other it does seem like the end is near.
For in the last days perilous times shall come- for men shall be Lovers of their own selves – (ie the Bible reveals the Selfie Generation 2,000 years ago) – it says men will be TRAITORS- (is there a better way to describe the global elite and members of the secret societies that run this world?) – disobedient to parents;
and the time will come when they won’t ENDURE sound doctrine- and evil seducers will wax worse and worse.
I think the Bible defines where we are-  that does not mean God can’t stall things a bit- and the Bible says essentially the worst is yet to come-  but this is the main reason WHY the pre trib rapture needs to be understood and preached.  So I will end with that BLESSED HOPE.
The evil seducers do not like this doctrine because it gives hope and lets us focus on bringing people with us instead of being fearful and fretting and in survival mode.   Without hope we are most miserable because we see what is going on – we see what is coming- and to expect we have to be here to face the worst of it is more than we can endure.
Without the hope that God will rescue me from this world, there is little to hold onto for comfort.   People attack me but if you put hours into the study of end times events and the Bible as a whole- the PreTrib is 100% Bible.
If anyone wants hope in this mess- that is where I would start.
The Bible says we are ambassadors- the one way I would explain it is before a country goes to war, it takes its ambassadors out of the embassy and brings them home.
The tribulation is God’s war on a Christ rejecting world.  Simply put before the war starts, Jesus takes us out of this earthly country in our earthy embassy and brings to our heavenly country.
And then the war begins.  God’s wrath poured out on a Christ rejecting world.  God has not appointed his church unto wrath- the warnings of judgment and wrath in the OT are for Israel.  Isreal goes through the tribulation and that is where the 144,000 sealed come from.   This is Daniels 70th week.
That is really our main source to lean on to keep enduring this garbage they are throwing at us.
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