Earth. Flatter than a Pancake.

I truly believe God has slowly shown me hard truths and answering prayers for wisdom and discernment. Some of these are not easy to accept, and most of them people will think I am now in the lunatic fringe. The lies of this world have such a stronghold in even most of the church and most of the churches today, that less than 1% hold the truth in any single position I would estimate. But a lot of these truths are there if you will research them and be willing to find the truth no matter what the cause. If you want to keep living in your bubble of illusion, I won’t burst it. But I am on a quest for truth, bottom line. If someone tells me that nuclear weapons do not exist, I study both sides of the argument. I am a bit biased, I admit because it is already clearly proven you cannot trust the media, or the government or any government agency. And when you understand a bit about the New World Order goal and understand the players a bit (FreeMasons, Illuminati, Jesuits, and Bankers like the Rothchild’s and Soros) you can see how they can pull the wool over most of the world, let alone America.

And when you see how the Bible explains how the devil is the god of this world and blinds the eyes of most of this world — and how toward the end the church will be backslid and materialistic and neutralized and compromised, and how the world becomes more and more vile and corrupt, you can see easily that they can pull off mass deception and mass corruption and good will be evil and evil will be good.

The main challenge is most truth today flies in the face of what everyone believes, but the pattern has been God gives me a truth and then I consider a hard truth, then I pray about it and in likely this order — bible, conviction, revelation, evidence — make these unshakable convictions. And I am not the only one who “stumbles” upon hard truths. But the theme in my life and everyone else’s when we find truth in a certain area is the scales fall off, and there is a certainty and a boldness we didn’t have before. Before I could have cared less we were on a spinning globe hurtling through the universe. But now I see the earth is fixed, fits the bible description to a “t” and see the deception that the FreeMason-run space agencies have held over us. And I am not ashamed to stand for something that most of the world doesn’t see. Because I was there myself.

I have had a hard unashamed quest for truth that started maybe 2 months before I was saved. Shortly after that, for example, 12 years ago, I was looking around modern Christianity that told me the KJV-only’s were a cult yet I was being witnessed to about the KJV — and the idea was this — Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. All over modern Christianity is anyone really free? And that thought led me to do a 30 day of only reading the KJV and crying out for truth. Then all of a sudden I knew that I knew that I knew and nothing anyone says can shake me out of that.

The way the devil works, is he is going to “have evidence” for the other camp too — lies mixed with truth and half-truth. First, because the devil is the god of this world, he can swindle us with half-truths and then will move in men to “prove” them. I also believe God allows some of that because there has to be an element of faith in this. If everything was 100% one sided for the evidence, you wouldn’t need faith and you couldn’t please God. A lot comes down to world views. I believe the bible and I believe in science that doesn’t fight the bible. My world view looks at the Grand Canyon and sees a lot of water and a little time — the world wide flood the bible teaches carved that Grand Canyon. An evolutionist sees the same evidence and sees a little water over a lot of time. Now, the evidence will clearly show that there is no way to explain Grand Canyon over a lot of time and the Colorado River does not run uphill so it could not have carved out the Canyon like they teach. However, your worldview of evolution will blind you from seeing the whole picture and you will be satisfied that evolution explains it and you will trust the experts that they have all the evidence in their corner. And when confronted with another explanation, cognitive dissonance often kicks in and you will not accept a change of mind.

So the devil will give you evidence that all bible versions are created equal, he will give you “evidence” to believe in evolution or a spinning ball or Catholicism or space landings or whatever. There are real people in real places of influence that have an agenda to brainwash the people and get God out of the way. When you start there — when you see evolution started before Charles Darwin’s finches and Charles Lyle looking at the layers (from the flood) and saying they were different ages and you look to 500 years ago and FREEMASON Copernicus rejecting bible truth and believing the devil and teaching that, “no, the earth is the one revolving around the sun” everything starts to come clear.
The devil is the god of this world — who do you think plants these lies in people’s minds? And if you can embrace something that makes it seem you are not accountable to God, would not the majority of man kind embrace it?

If you start by any of this at a truth level and honestly be willing to have the scriptures define our science and know that bible will always win in the end no matter how much the odds seem stacked against it, you can break free from the hold the mantras of our day hold. If everyone is going in one direction, and if someone holds a different view and he gets attacked from both saved and lost alike, there is a good indicator he is on to something. In any of these truths, I had been fooled for years and I wanted the truth more than I wanted to stay right.

I wanted to embrace whatever position Jesus held on something, no matter how much reproach it might cause.

That should count for something.

Research FLAT EARTH! And embrace JESUS CHRIST — you can trust HIM!

I know, you are now worried about me.  Instead of researching that I might be onto something, it is far easier to assume I need to be on some heavy prescription medication.

I appreciate your concern. It won’t change anything, but know I understand where you are coming from.  Two months ago, if I met this new Mike I would have thrown a bottle of pills at him and ran away in the other direction as fast as I could.

But now I took the red pill instead.

First, yes this can lead you in another ditch. The biggest challenge is once your eyes get opened to all of this, it is very hard to live the illusion that everyone else lives in. There is a reason you can’t take the church as seriously — because they “don’t get it and they don’t understand and they only have a superficial grasp.” 501C3 puts us under the control of men. The Baptists have this love of country- and when you find out our government has been lying to us for the past 75 years, and bombs innocent people, and goes to war for oil and wars are really funded on both sides by the elite who run this country, it is hard to stomach. There are men who do study this out — Pastor Dr. William Grady has written on the secret groups, etc for example in “How Satan Turned America Against God”. Pastor Jeffrey Wheeler from Virginia is another example.

Sorry, but I don’t have much respect for much of the church today — they want to stay deceived and they want to live in the bubble. I get on the street with the truth, I’m going to attend church despite how heart breaking it is and I am going to contend for TRUTH. Ultimately the gospel yes, but most of these lies keep people FROM the gospel.

Evolution allows men a way of escape. The spinning globe hurtling through the universe just makes us a cosmic accident. So yes, these issues at the heart of them are SALVATION issues. No, you are not lost if you believe the spinning globe. But for most of America, science is a huge stumbling block.

I will and feel called to expose these lies and before I found out the truth of them, I could have cared less. I am passionate about JESUS, and that started when I got saved. This passion joined me when I found out about the young earth, when I found the KJV, and now when I found the lies about the spinning globe.

A concern of some was that the spinning globe concept came from new agers. Maybe, but my fellowship with “Flat Earther’s” is a newer group, Flat Earthers in Christ.

If you believe the flat earth but are not a Christian you go to hell. So I try to right truth wherever it is found that someone is believing something wrong.

I am wondering why though many Christians would want to hold onto NASA knowing instead knowing they are made up of high ranking Lucifer worshipping FreeMasons….

You still prefer to take the blue pill?  This is a reference from the Matrix but like many other movies, they reveal things the Elite hides because they want to rub it in our faces how they get away with keeping most of America indoctrinated.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” ?Morpheus, to Neo [src] The term redpill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.

When your eyes are opened, you will see there is more truth coming out of Hollywood than our government, NASA, and Media combined.

And sadly a lot of the church.

The elite want to rub it in. I am thankful the scales are off and “they” aren’t going to get away with it because we are waking up and not shutting up either!

PRAISE to JESUS CHRIST!!!!! The creator of Heaven, a flat circular earth, and the sun, moon, and stars!

PRAISE to the Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!!!


The bible says in the beginning was the Word and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was GOD.

All things were made by HIM, JESUS!

He is who made everything and the bible says the HEAVEN declares the GLORY OF GOD.

Creation and flat earth truth are important because evolution and the spinning globe lie turn us into a cosmic accident and an accident. You have no purpose if this is true. I am not ashamed to say it is a LIE! God made it all, and the bible is 100% accurate. The false science of today refuses to allow a divine foot in the door!
The creator of Heaven is JESUS, and Jesus made a flat circular earth, and the sun, moon, and stars!

If you love Jesus, research the truth about HIS CREATION!

Even if the rest of this world will think you need to medicated — or booted off the “planet”.


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