Does this globe make me look flat?

If i am intense a bit, it is because I get frustrated at the lies they pour on us…..honestly, they proved the earth was flat before Einstein saved the day with his THEORY….I tend to bite peoples heads off and God showed me i was arrogant with this thing. honestly, i study both sides and have been through pharmacy school and best i can, i see both sides before i lock onto the position. i don’t think i am wrong because of how God has for 12 years revealed things to me. and this book is very honest, very biblical, and NASA controls all the space agencies. they admit to photoshopping the earth, honestly look at their planets -or satellite pics….honestly see if they look CGI.
I asked that too….but here is this guy’s response…. and it comes down to the devil stealing God’s glory….NASA wants a NWO and that is the whole agenda of the Freemasons, Iluminati, etc. A Christian locked into the truths of the bible is a big big threat. Edward Hendrie says The concepts of God’s majesty and a stable immovable earth are inseparable. if the earth moves and spins, the god of the bible cannot exist.
He alleges, and proves i believe, how the spinning globe came first,and that was the foundation for then the evolution theory etc. they seem to me to go hand in hand, and I already saw that when i looked at biblical creation — I see the same bowing down to science and the same lack of evidence, just “everyone believes.” and it is a pride of life thing…..and what i see is Creation and Creation science have now become acceptable in Christianity but they tend to go for winning folks on the intellectual level.
I can do that here and wow you with the evidence, but I encourage you to search things out yourself. I think i am wrong perhaps when I try and shove any sort of truth down your throat, because then i can get caught up in a battle of intellectualism. And that doesn’t glorify God.
But what i am saying is flat-earth has this reputation that we are idiots, and that comes from Satan. That was what i thought. but now i see there is even more truth that we are a flat plane and everyone in the fields that would be affected by the curvature of a global earth — pilots, captains of ships, surveyors, no one takes curvature of the earth into account, and when they do the readings get messed up. The map of the UN is the flat earth map from years ago. I could go on and on. Just know there is something to it.
I sure don’t know everything but i know 100% this is real. night for now.
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