America’s Got Talent and American Idols, But not God

The Bible says Blessed is the nation who’s GOD is the LORD.  The Bible says THUS SAITH THE LORD many times in the blessed book I can hold in my hand.  It is true from beginning to end, sin kept me from it, now it keeps me from sin, goes the song we sing in church. ” I love the old Bible, the precious old Bible, the light of my pathway to shy-eye-ine. It keeps me so happy, always so happy, God’s wonderful book divine!”

The Author is God himself, penning his words through men like this HP laptop is penning my words.  God used men from all walks of life and occupations and languages and social classes and geographic locations to merge 66 individual books into 1 glorious book with a beginning, middle, and end and a common theme throughout.  When you look closely at this book the fingerprint of God is there.  God uses various checks and balances, but these are the icing on a wonderful cake that has satisfied the very hunger of the marrow of my bones.  It is a life giving book, a life changing book, a life enhancing book, a life supplying book, a life saving book, and an eternal life transforming book!  It is alive! Be careful, and read it to let it judge you, not you to judge it.  There is the rub.  The response of this wonderful love letter from God is determined by the attitude of the reader.  Come agnostic, come atheist, come Buddhist, come catholic, come stripper, come drunkard, come adulterer, come child molester, come murderer, come priest, come pope, come President, come CEO Executive, come waitress, come Mom, and come Dad.  Come to Jesus weary sinner, he from sin can set you free, look to Jesus Christ as Saviour, he who died on Calvary.  Jesus is the WORD that became flesh.  Jesus is God manifest in the flesh.  Jesus created all things and all things were made by him and for him declares the bible.  God’s word is quick and powerful sharper than any two edged sword.  Peter heard the voice of God audibly.  He says that in the Bible, GOD’s word on paper, WE HAVE A MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY (then even audibly hearing the voice of God).  God’s word from a God that cannot lie.

What keeps us from it?  Sin, pride, intellectualism, stuff, the business of life, mind numbing activities, time wasters, and NEW PERVERSIONS.  Meaning the new Bible versions, counterfeits and phonies and watered down poisonous conglomerates of truth and lies.  Men took a perfect book, the King James Authorized Version and said it is too strong for modern man.  So they watered it down and they have new and improved versions.  Ultra light, mediocre, softer, toned down, not as divisive, not as authoritative.  Not that offensive THUS SAITH THE LORD.  Instead it is God might be trying to say that, or if that is what you want it to say, or however you want to read it is fine with us.

TRUTH.  Exchanged for a lie with the new versions.  They traded in a perfectly good 2012 Chevy Corvette for a $15 rusted 1978 bicycle because it is older and easier to ride.  Yes, it has no power.  Yes the more you look at it the more junk you see.  Yes, there are a lot of key components missing.  Yes, it’s value is removed.  Yes, it is no longer intimidating to possess.  But look at the wonderful advantages.  It will not make much noise to get the neighbors mad at you.  You won’t be worshipping a junky bike so when another option becomes available to purchase you won’t feel any guilt.  And it fits right in with everyone else’s junk!

I’ll take my King James any day.  THUS SAITH THE LORD.  HE maketh me lay down in green pastures , HE leadeth me by the still waters.  YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.

The blessed old book that I hold in my hand.  Sin kept me from it.

Now it keeps me from sin.

The only reason I keep my old versions, whether it is the NIV or the NEW King James is in case one day I do get a chocolate lab.   Or a canary.  To line the cages.

At least I would be opening my new version.

You have one and don’t care, either, do you?

I would die for my King James Bible. I don’t know anyone who would give their canary for their NIV.

If your Bible had some life you just might cherish it like I do.  Do you?

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