America Bless God

Jesus saith I AM THE WAY.

However America has been going a different way for a while.

I don’t have specific dates, but in general America has pretty much flaunted itself and turned it’s back on the God of it’s forefathers around the turn of the 20th century.  We just discovered electricity and science now had all the answers.   We originally had God behind the wheel, then we asked God if we could drive.

Then we kicked him out of the car completely.  “God, we’re going to have a Chinese Fire drill at this next light.  We all get out and run around. Then we quick get in when the light turns green.”  However, when God was let out at the light, America sped away laughing at God for being such a fool.  God isn’t a fool but he is a gentlemen.  When we said we had enough of THOU SHALT NOTS, God said, Ok. Do as you please, but know there is a cost.

America was fooled.  Around 1950 America told God, “We have been doing so good on our own.  We are rich, we are smart, we have all the answers.  God, we can take it from here.”

God said “OK America, have it your way.”

So the Lord God left America where he wasn’t wanted.

God left the schools.  And evolution took over.   We are told we come from monkeys.  And teachers feel more like zookeepers.

The TV replaced the Bible as the family altar.  And children that can sit and watch 3 hours of TV straight are on ADD meds because they can’t pay attention in school.

Hollywood replaced the church as the moral compass.  Hollywood is so wise they have all climbed up the ladder to success.  Yet when they got to the top they realized it was facing the wrong wall.

Pro Sports hijacked our Sundays.  Then our Mondays.  Then our Thursday nights.  Then the rest of the week.  Then our off seasons.  When we aren’t fishing or deer hunting of course.

We have college degrees but no common sense.  And we worship anything and everything as long as it isn’t the God of the King James Bible.

We don’t have the God of the blessings anymore.  But God, but God, but God, um, we could really use some of your blessings right now.

God’s love is unconditional.  It was on the cross.  Salvation is conditional.  Faith and repentance.

God’s blessings are conditional.  You’ll have to read the Bible to find them.  I will give you a hint.  God’s theme song is not Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way.”  Yes, and Frank is suffering the consequences eternally.

God is saying to America something loud and clear with every passing storm.  With every horrible disease.  With every job loss and crazy violent crime and the latest bad news to hit the press.  Jesus is asking, calming, lovingly, patiently, mercifully, “AMERICA, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH YET?  Have you seen the error of your way?  RETURN UNTO ME.”

America just might.  It might take the stock market to crash and electricity to shut down for 3 years, and America to no longer run on Dunkins, and the masses to wake up and see there is no hope in the false promises of the politicians, Priests, pornographers (it will add spice to your marriage! lies, unless arsenic is a spice), and Pro Sports heroes, and for Americans to suddenly have nothing left but God.

When you find out that all you have left is God, you will find out God is all you need.

That is why America does not see her need for God.  Either for his protection or his provision.

But things are drying up so fast.  Faster than America can truly see what she needs.

My question is though, first, is CHURCH, do you see your need?



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