The Greatest Gift is JESUS

First some intro From a pharmacist perspective – if I had a headache and pick up an aspirin bottle and believe It will cure my headache but never accept it by actually taking the tablet, it won’t help me.
If I take it wrong-like stick it in my ear then I am not using the tablet like it was intended. I can be sincere- but sincerity won’t cure my headache. A quack doctor could tell me in his medical book that what works instead is to mix fruit flavored sugar packets in water and “drink the kool aid”- but it matters ultimately not just what you believed- but if what you believed was TRUE.
God gave Moses 2 tablets and told Him to call on God in the morning, essentially. Think of the 10 commandments as checking your spiritual blood pressure. You won’t feel high blood pressure but it’s deadly. You won’t feel you are a sinner in need of a Savior either – and that is even more deadly.
The law is not a GOAL but a way to see you need to be cured. The law reveals your sickness of sin- and when you see you are truly sick, then the cure makes sense and you see your need. If I tell you I have a cure for cancer and I sold my house to buy the cure and I hand it to you- you will think I am nuts if you never have been tested for cancer.
The law reveals our spiritual cancer- ever told a lie? (One lie makes you a lier!) Stole? (Value is irrelevant) Looked with LUST? (Jesus said that is adultery) Hated someone? (Bible likens that to Murder) – Used God’s name in vain? (Called Blasphemy)
Jesus is the CURE- taken by faith in your heart and not just believed in your head.
Now here is my Christmas message- please give this gift out!!!
If there were other ways to Heaven Jesus could have stayed home instead of coming to Earth. The birth of Jesus was foretold for thousands of years prior- God promised a Savior and God delivered- Himself.
Because Jesus is the only one 100% God- who kept the LAW 100%- did miracles to prove that He was God- and died as a substitute to fulfill God’s requirements for heaven.
The Bible says the reason we die is because of Adam’s sin- we inherited that sinful nature. That is why no one taught you to lie and why kids don’t naturally share. Jesus did NOT once sin on earth and was conceived by the Holy Ghost inside the Human vessel Mary so Jesus did not inherit Adam’s sinful nature. He was all GOD- and so when Jesus died on the Cross- being sinless- He didn’t stay DEAD. Jesus is Alive to this day- back in Heaven- and is available in a real way to anyone who calls upon Him.
The cross is the only place in history where the love of God meets the wrath of God.
You can go to hell fo pay for your sins – or you can accept Jesus payment instead. It’s that simple.
Nothing else will save you. The wages of sin is death. Jesus commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.
Hark the Herald says- Born that man no more
May die- born to raise the sons of earth. Born to give us second birth.
The GIFT of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. It’s a GIFT- you cannot bribe the Judge of The Universe and try to pay for His gift. You have to see you need it and accept His gift. Anything you offer for that GIFT- good works, church attendance, cleaning up your life first, ANYTHING is an insult to God- like trying to bribe the Judge with 5 cents of self righteousness. Just accept His Wonderful Gift is Salvation in your HEART- not just in your head.
Let every heart prepare Him room.
Is there room in your heart for Jesus??
Jesus saves.
Merry Christmas, and God bless us everyone.
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