Bacon America Great Again

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Hey, they are killing your pigs, chickens, and cattle.
They have shut down 20 slaughter houses.
Do you have any idea what that means for you?

If you are willing to let food production come to a screeching halt and let animals and food go to waste and risk total starvation to protect you from the Phona-Corona Virus hoax with a 99% survival rate —

you are the problem.

You are in a Media induced coma.

Thinking people and Thinking medical professionals THINK you are INSANE.

The mask is cutting off your oxygen supply.




If you won’t use your brain to save helpless defenseless babies in the womb, or defenseless helpless Americans who should not be dragged into this, or those who own small businesses that they were going to pass on to their children and use to pay their bills, will you use your brain because if there is no more food, that means that humans starve to death

and if humans starve to death –

there is going to be not one liberal left to ban plastic bags to save Mother Earth, and not one Libtard left to vote in socialism at the next election, and there won’t be one Liberal left to enforce social distancing, and there will be no one to rescue the poor dolphins from the tuna nets (never mind the tuna) and there will be no one to feed the poor domesticated kittens and house pets.

Obviously, you may have never thought about that, but is that really what you want? Think of those poor spotted owls who just can’t reproduce on their own.

You won’t do it for us, but will you do it for them? Will you do it for the owls at least? Think, I mean.

Thank you.

Because even Mother Earth really needs you to start thinking before it’s too late.

If you are not too sure how this whole brain thing works, we can send you help. Seriously. Many of us get it, because some of us once were fools once too.


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