Lies under the SUN and Lies about the EARTH

Don’t forget they are lying about everything under the sun.

And lying about the sun, moon, and stars as well. And bendy oceans. And Australian ocean liners that have Magical gravity keeping them stuck to the upside ocean so they don’t fall off into the abyss of space – YET gravity is so selective it allows those Australian Fish to SWIM and Australian Butterflies to fly. And no Australian gets left behind – or lightheaded. It’s another miracle of that god of Science – Lord Gravity.

The devil is the father of lies and the father of lies is the god of this world – so why would he NOT want to fool you about everything?

OF course they are not lying about space or the Coronavirus, but they lie about everything else.

What convinced me of the truth that we were not spinning 166,000 mph while hurtling uncontrolled through an endless universe was seeing FIRST in the bible that the SUN moved and that the EARTH did not.

Common sense and biblical sense were enough to make it quite obvious. The pride of life is what makes it hard to see this. And cognitive dissonance fits in as well. That makes you automatically reject new information because it doesn’t agree with what you have been taught – mostly because your mind freaks out with such a life changing belief change.

BUT why let the devil win? He is MOCKING God with his lies and this is robbing JESUS from the GLORY of his wonderful creation. Hollywood CGI and special effects should not make us in Awe and wonder and take the credit for a world that doesn’t exist except in our imaginations. NASA lies. Government lies. Government space men and Government space agencies ALL LIE. Why would they lie? Because that is the only thing Government is really good at. And if the truth comes out, people would wake up and see there is no reason for the control lock they have on us. Rights come from God – if enough people think there is no God and that science explains everything, then they instead think rights come from government.

In the bible first and foremost – the bible clearly teaches the earth is not moving (FIXED immovable), CIRCULAR (but the Word BALL is used later in Isaiah to describe a BALL so when God says CIRCLE he means CIRCLE. Like a pancake or a pizza.) FIXED on PILLARS (and the earth is God’s footstool. Hard to imagine a spinning footstool that is spinning and hurtling, I would think) with the sun moon and stars inside the DOMED glass-like Firmament with WATERS above and HEAVEN -GOD’s literal HEAVEN – above that.

The idea of infinite space with Billions of galaxies goes hand in hand with the idea of billions of years to have a magic big bang and produce everything we have today. It’s all based on the pride of Man and the refusal to accept a “weak” God that is so human, he is an offense to most of humanity. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and we are the chief of his creation – not the CGI fake Hollywood galaxies they have created to make us feel lost in the shuffle.

God knows every hair on our head.

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IT’s a FLAT world after all.


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