Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And in NY. And the rest of the United States.

Let’s see- gyms are closed. Parks are closed. You likely can’t work.

Essentials they say are: KFC, 5Guys, BK, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, Planet Starbucks. Cable is working. Pizza places are open. Everyone is bringing it right to your car.

Curb side blooming onions.

Curb side wings, fish fries, Popeyes. Taco Bell having best deals ever. Subway buy 2 get 1 free.

DQ is ready for you!

You can order the KFC donut chicken sandwich but I have yet to find a good fresh salad.

Plus you now have 6 months of food and have to eat the food you can’t freeze that is going to go bad soon.

So I guess the best way to get out of debt is to just find out after the quarantine ends if “My 600 lb. life” show is hiring.

Do they just call you? Is there an audition? Is there like a hot dog eating contest to get on?

Anyone know how that whole thing works?

Anyway, that was my humorous introduction.   The rest is not a joke.   And that’s a fact, Jack.

I know – American people don’t like facts- and if it’s not on TV they don’t want to hear it.

This is for the 3 people who want the truth.

Everyone else do not read this. It will trigger cognitive dissonance.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,

and in the state of NY.

Chris Kirckof & Katie Marcussen Quintanill shared these nuggets:

??Bill Gates live on CNN, “we need lots and lots of testing.”
??Who’s behind the tests? WHO. (World Health Organization)
??Who helps fund WHO? The Gates organization
??Who’s behind the pandemic documentary on Netflix? Bill Gates
??Who has the patent for the coronavirus? The Gates organization
??In October 2019, who ran a mock high-level pandemic exercise that eerily resembles the Coronavirus at The Johns Hopkins Center? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Event 201) and passed out stuffed coronavirus toys for attendees.
??Who heavily funds vaccines all over the globe? Bill Gates
??Who has no medical background or training? Bill Gates
??If you get tested for coronavirus then they have your DNA and as we learned who wants virtually as many people as possible to be tested? Bill Gates
??What has a 98.8% recovery rate? The Coronavirus
??What has an 80% false positive testing rate? COVID-19 tests
??What did China use to recover from the Coronavirus? High doses of IV Vitamin C, no vaccine needed

We are living in the land of 12 Monkeys.   And the media is having as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.

if you want sober truth watch this instead of the news for the next hour.

I have a whole theory on all this and can’t figure out all the pieces of this big puzzle.

All I know is not everything is what it seems.

And the official story is never the official story.

My theory is they put the virus in the flu shot this year. It is just based on what I am observing with real cases apparently going on. That doesn’t mean 5G isn’t part of it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t fake reporting and fake celebrities mixed in.

I suspect there is some sort of reality to this virus but I say that just like there was some reality to 9/11. Real people died in office fires but fake people did not die in fake planes. I say that because now an evangelist family from a Baptist church in Houston that we know has it and the family has it and our church is asking for prayer and he was hospitalized last year for pneumonia so I believe he is genuinely sick- I just don’t know what that means. It could be Everyone tests positive and he has a return of his pneumonia and they are calling it Coronavirus. I don’t know.

But if it’s in the flu shot that could explain a lot.

And someday they might “discover” certain batches (millions of doses) “accidentally somehow” got contaminated with the Coronavirus.

And they will do an investigation and the people will buy whatever Phony-baloney story they shovel down their throat.

Again that is just my theory. And unlike evolutionists- if evidence surfaces that doesn’t fit my theory I will get a new theory.

But government lies and media reporting do not count as evidence.

The virus is the media, for sure.  That much I know.

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