Need a Turning Point?

I hope, pray, and believe that yesterday was a turning point.
I have had many of those perhaps, but I want to basically say I don’t have all the dynamics out, and I don’t know if this will get you over all the crazy fiascoes you will face in life.  IF you are like me, thought, you may at some point get a turning point when you see that 99.999% of the fiascoes are your fault.   Those other fiascoes were my fault — but these ones, well, we are blaming you.  But the good news is, if you are to blame for all the trouble you’ve seen, then at least you are not a victim of circumstances.   Taking personal responsibility is the best way to not feel life is just one big punching bag.
I think maybe I more clearly ‘get it” why things have gone the way they have, and finally see the light and the way out.

What I mean is when a message, or a passage in the bible seems to reveal the WHY  you can start then to find out the HOW.  The “why” is perhaps being completely frustrated at circumstances of life, mad at the world at times, hurt by everything and everyone.  WHY did this happen?  Why does this keep happening?   You’ll want to be at church and have an explosion on the drive and can’t make it and you are back-slid and tempted and angry the rest of the day. WHY?

BUT I think IF I UNDERSTAND THIS COMPLETELY we can  focus on keeping our hearts clean, confess sin and bad attitudes and as soon as we feel we grieved the holy Spirit call a spiritual TIME OUT and find out where we got off track and get back on the right route.   Like the GPS crying out, Turn around when possible.    And as we turn, we turn from all this junk we are facing, and as a result life will not be so disheartening.

So I might have been given the WHY I have been so frustrated and failing and falling and fruitless at times but also the HOW and WHERE to begin to start seeing a consistent path that leads out of the constant laps around Mt. Sinai.

Have you been angry a lot, bitter at the drop of a hat, focused on circumstances, hurt you can’t get the victory?

Confused because you have some amazing God-given talents, frustrated and feeling like the All-Star Quarterback being demoted to 2nd string WaterBoy?

But if I change gears, —- now focus on my heart and staying clean, then things will fall into place.  I will soon see the Water Boy position is important, and more important, it is temporary.    If I, by the grace of God, do the Waterboy position with all my heart, I just may be announced the starter at the next game.   And throw for 400 yards, spiritually speaking.

So put this into practice.

Can we work on that?  We don’t need to write and ask for a clean slate in life, but if we confess our sins Jesus is faithful to clean the slate for us. What sins, he’ll ask.     I think if we work on this and make that the focus, meaning confessing and forsaking and keeping short sin accounts with God, in time this will all “be added unto me.”

I hope it’s clear that I am not asking for God to put us into ministry or just be put in the game just because.  I think I can see that we will just focus on making and keeping God sweet that HE WILL OPEN DOORS — but we should go to people and ask that you forgive us and reach out when we are struggling and work on our tendency to isolate when we are hurt and giving up when we embarrass ourselves.  And welcome a plan

If we are honest, we can be hard to like, hard to get along with at times, and over-the-top when things are going well.

I also think that keeping our hearts right and staying consistent will help in our relating to people and the dynamics with relationships.     I know I can be hard to Pastor (as I know everything and blame everyone and struggle often applying even the simplest things I am told) but I pray that I am getting to the end of myself and hence to the bottom of all of this!

And that so are you, my friend!
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