God’s way Trumps….

Not trying to get too controversial here but by the time I am done, I likely will have unintentionally offended both the liberals and the churches.
I had heard that Trump has banded transgenders from serving in the military and folks are up in arms about it.
First, the honest thought and challenge is this — OK, if your position is this is normal acceptable behavior, honestly think of it like this —
Transgenders insist we accept them as they are…….yet even they don’t accept themselves as they are.
I think there is a lesson in this. That above statement might look harsh and that is not my intention — but I think we need not polarize these issues into two camps —
Camp 1 — embrace it, accept it, push it, promote it, OR ELSE you are a bible thumping bigot.
Camp 2 — hate every inch of it, rebuke it like leprosy, and have such distaste for it that there is ZERO compassion and ZERO hope offered for anyone with these issues.
What camp would JESUS be in?
Um, I say neither.
Jesus had love, compassion, GRACE, and also saw SIN was a heart issue. Heal the heart issues and behavior will change.
We want to change their outsides, show we don’t believe by our actions that God can change their insides, and are too INSECURE in our diluted Christianity to dare get too close to anyone with sins that make us uncomfortable.
However, this whole issue is very very simple.
God made Eve out of Adam. There is an incompleteness there, meaning a man might not even understand it but his desire is toward finding a wife.   He is attracted to her because she is different than he is.  A man desires a woman because she is different than he is and he senses that at the core of who he is and he can’t even really explain it.
If things get messed up — and there is homosexual desires, confusion, etc, there is incompleteness as well. For example, a man who grew up without a father or had a father who rejected him will grow up with a void and emptiness. This plays out in different ways but often it creates homosexual urges or gender confusion.  Here  a man at his core doesn’t sense he is masculine and hence the desire to “complete that” will trump the natural desire for something different.
The solution is not to embrace these feelings but RECOGNIZE they are a symptom of a need to embrace God’s healing and finding out more who GOD is to then show you who YOU are. 
It starts with embracing Father God and also restoring one’s masculinity and perhaps being called out as a man.  Recognizing that WHO you are is WHO God made you and realize that if you are desiring something that is not natural, then it starts with your identity, not embracing an alternative lifestyle.
And this is where the church needs to grow.  We need to be secure in our masculinity as men, and femininity as women and be whole at our cores, and be able to have charity and grace for those struggling.  They are not freaks, they just have deep wounds and deep rejections, and often we the church pour acid on those wounds and twist the knives in the backs the world stabbed them with.  
If we would understand that gender confusion and sexual orientation confusion are by products of a messed up heart from messed up neglect or abuse growing up, lies that once fixed, will put the person in position to change — and introduced to the TRUE AND LIVING GOD.
YE are complete in HIM.
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