Leave the Neutral Zone

You are traveling through another dimension that 90% of people live in, a dimension not only of fear and failure but of conformity.

A journey into a boring land of “if only’s”.

Next stop, the Neutral Zone!

Are you “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired”?

I can honestly tell you the water of network marketing is wonderful, crisp, and refreshing. It is more than a business model, it is embracing a life where instead of feeling trapped in today’s economy you are free mentally and free to embrace your passions and talents. Even if you stay in the job you are in.

In 1900, 90% of people owned their own business. Today only 10% do. We traded freedom and a pioneer spirit for safe. We traded the risk of finding the American dream by telling Corporate America, we want a king to reign over us. We wanted benefits and pay and retirement and now it has turned into a “take it or leave it”, sell your soul sort of thing, where at the end of the day, you are no less expendable than you were the day before.

One reason I love network marketing is this levels the playing field. Do you have $250,000 to buy a franchise? Do you have 5 years to go get the latest degree and hope your field is still in demand when you get out? Do you have friends in high places and the ability to politic to get there?

Most of us don’t. But anyone can make it with network marketing. You can start your own business, learn proven systems, get awesome training, and meet top leaders willing to share their secrets. And have access to some of the best products and programs on earth.

Want to save 50% on your gas and electric? Want to reduce your time to retirement by 50 years? Want to lose 50 lbs? Want to feel 50x better? Want to wean off an over dependence on pharmaceuticals and never touch your $5,000 deductible? Want to find 50+ new friends that can push you and encourage you? Want to in 3 years make as much part time as you make full time? Want to put yourself in an environment where faith comes alive and life-changing principals get a chance to be put into action?

With net work marketing, it is not only possible, it is happening.

With regular people. With business minded people. With successful people. With those who have failed their whole lives. With college drop outs. With college professors.

Politicians promise you the world but often fail to even give you a chunk of the moon.

I won’t promise a lot.

I won’t promise it will be easy.
I won’t promise it will be instant.
I won’t promise there won’t be a cost.

And I won’t promise if you aren’t willing to study and read and jump into the game, that you will get anywhere in this life from sitting on the bench. Or staying in the valley of indecision.

I won’t promise people won’t shoot at you when you start breaking free from where everyone else lives. I call this the Neutral Zone.

But I will promise you, you won’ be alone.
I will promise you, if you stick this out, you won’t regret it.
And I will promise you that if you don’t see a way out of where you are at either health wise, financial wise, or growth wise, this will fill you with ideas and excitement and adventure.

My team is 80% built but I want to add YOU today. Yes, you.

And you, too.

And you.

And there is room for more too.

Do you think you have what it takes? Well do you?

No worries, I didn’t think I had that either.

Which is why this is something we will do together.


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