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As body, soul, and spirit, everything is fine tuned and I think we tend to over-spiritualize everything and think health doesn’t matter. But if we can feel better or stay healthy, we that are saved can be used of God more AND we will have more confidence and unity in our message. It is hard to help a crack addict when you are a Coke addict yourself. Or a Pepsi one.

Anyway, I am excited about some natural products, and am marketing some as my own business. I love these marketing businesses because I see so many parallels to evangelism.

In fact, I am not against going church to church to raise support, but you can only do that usually if you are full time ministry. For those of us in part time, you can build these sort of businesses part time, LEARN THE RIGHT WAY TO DO THEM, and in 3-5 years have residual income that pays for ministry and replaces your day job.

And if I support 12 National Pastors and/or missionaries overseas, and disciple 12 men locally in the businesses to support themselves (and they each can support 12 missionaries and etc), can you imagine the potential?   Instead of a full time pastor trying to get 100 people out of the pews, and get them to fit in ministries after working full time, imagine those that are fully supported and can work or not work, take off a week for a mission trip at the drop of a hat, and support missionaries around the world?  And teach business principals that are transforming that can easily become evangelism methods!

It is a powerful program and plan to change the world. If you can catch the vision, jump on now and grow with me. If you don’t see the vision, pray for this and I still say, no matter what, that these are life changing products that offer a life-changing business.

So pardon my excitement on Protandim, especially, the health product I started carrying/marketing. I love this product, I love this business, and I see how it fits in with my desire to change the world!

I wrote this to a business friend today:

FYI each day this new business of mine reveals something more amazing. I am hearing about people healed of cancers, MS, macular degeneration, fibromyalgia, and more.  (Though it is not a prescription so I can’t say it cures or treats anything, I can say it is proven to reduce oxidative stress an average of 40% in 30 days) — Oxidative stress is the wear and tear of our bodies, and why we age and get all kinds of age-related diseases.   So you can imagine though what might happen if you remove the oxidative stress damage, repair the oxidative stress damage, or prevent any oxidative stress damage.

If you ever wanted to jump into something before the rest of the world does (IE think about someone telling you about Google in 1999 and now kicking yourself 20 years later), now is the time.

I have been in pharmacy 15 years and NEVER seen something which such potential – even if someone just took this the rest of their life and did nothing else with it. Did you catch the website I shared?


Anyway, if anyone wants to learn more, check out

To give this a try, visit my website at

Try Protandim for 30 days and see for yourself!

Mike & the IHCC
IHCC – the Ilardo Healh Care Company.

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