Nuggets From Facebook posts…. Laughter doeth good like a medicine.

Life can get discouraging. I heard about one person who had given up on life and wanted to OD on some prescription medication. But the meds weren’t covered by their insurance.

Who killed JFK?

Maybe if it wasn’t the one armed man from the grassy knoll with the revolver, there is some truth to the conspiracy ideas. When the government tries to explain what happened, then you can assume they are lying.

This the latest theory to surface, discovered at 3 letter community college ECC. According to AOL, FOX, CNN and HBO, ETC., JFK was killed by the KJB under secret orders made at a KFC by the FBI to pacify LBJ due to repercussions from FDR to help CBS capture decreased ratings from NBC due to the NFL and NBA and to give the USA population reason to want stronger drugs approved from the FDA and to give another reason to silence the NRA and make people think twice before making another 3 letter abbreviation a permanent part of our vocabulary, LOL


I was wondering what sort of reaction you would get from your family, the neighbors, and the city ordinance committee, if you really did get a hippopotamus for Christmas.


Some people are addicted to cigarettes or beer. They buy a pack or a case of whatever and a few days later there are none left, and they cannot account for where many of them went. The idea of them not having them there when they need them is very upsetting. They look around diligently for perhaps one long lost pack in the cupboard or a bottle that happened to fall behind the wilted lettuce. Then they go to the store and buy a brand new pack or case or whatever and repeat the process.

I think by that definition I figured out one of my biggest addictions.

Bic ball point pens.

And by that definition, Facebook doesn’t even come close. Phew.

Facebook Rivalry (an MIV definition).

When your spouse posts something on their timeline and gets 102 comments, and you share something similar and get 5.

Not that anyone is keeping score. Or I have ever experienced that.


“When life sends you snow, make snow cones!”



Wow, all this global warming stuff these scientists warn us about is for the birds.

Penguins, perhaps.

Double-take. Verb.

What action you take when, after unpacking your latest order from Wal Mart all over your kitchen counter, you then once again look at how much your receipt says you spent.

There’s a reason Wal Mart is rich, and we’re not!!!!

(this has been a definition from the MIV, the MikeIlardo Version)


Here is something that may be open to debate.

I just had this strange little observation today.

Which is the more difficult of the two?

1) trying to find a matching pair of socks.
2) trying to find a Tupperware container and it’s matching lid.

Feel free to chime in anytime.


It is not that I am all that enamored with Facebook. It is just that I signed up several months ago and have been trying to get to the end of my newsfeed ever since.




during Buffalo blizzards…


Since I’ve no place to be, let me ski, let me ski, let me ski!

It’s beginning to look a lot like….the ice age.




Obie is our crazy 1 1/2 year old who is always into mischief. Unless he is sleeping.

But I discovered he is merely our prodigy child. He simply is already in his terrible two’s.

He should make the transition to calculus and astrophysics next year rather nicely.



I think I must be part Hobbit.

Not only did I have 2nd Breakfast today, but I just finished 3rd Supper.




Had another observation about life yesterday.

My wife and I were discussing cows. I don’t remember how we got on the subject. Maybe because I grilled steaks.

You might know that all cows are females.

And all bulls are not.

This means that “BS” only comes from the male species.

Additional research may be warranted to confirm this. I might ask for a government grant to find the true source of BS.







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