A Shelter in the Time of Storm

Life can be storm-to-storm. We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or in the calm before the storm.
One key to life is preparing for the next storm whatever and whenever it hits.
Learning from the past storms.
And appreciating the rainbows that appear after the storms.
We tend to be self-made I-did-it-my-way sufficient storm survivors but often the events of life are intentionally orchestrated so we see we can’t calm the storms without help from above.
Some continue to put those storm barriers up in their hearts and refuse to be rescued.
But if we could truly see how good the Captain of our Salvation really is, we will learn we can run to Jesus no matter what stage we are at.
Or how severe, or mild the storm is.
Sometimes, just when the rain starts falling, before that torrential downpour hits, we will learn that looking to Jesus is so special and amazing, we will look forward to the forecast of rain.
And with Jesus on our lips and in our hearts, only see the muddy-puddles we can jump in, and not notice that the winds are raging all around us.
Jesus says, Come unto me.
Jesus says, Look unto me.
Jesus says, Call unto me.
Will you?
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