As the world turns?

I wrote this article for my FaceBook page today in response to a bunch of hate mail and hostile comments from everyone under the sun.  Which by the way is not millions and millions of miles away.
And since it feels a lot like one big soap opera, I titled this from a soap opera my mom used to watch when I was a  kid.
here is what I wrote…..
Guys, if the earth is spinning 1,000 mph, why do we not feel the spin? or at least the wind from it? If you took a toy spinning globe and spun it, and hovered a toy helicopter above it for 20 minutes, it could not land back in the same spot except by random chance. how can a real helicopter do that?
And if i told you I instead believed that the earth was on the back of a giant turtle, or if we really were in a dreamed up universe only existing in the minds of aliens, would you not think I am strange, but still be respectful?
And would you admit that someone simply claiming something outrageous that you don’t agree with WOULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY send you into a tizzy? Why does simply claiming to say I think the Flat Earthers are right bring out the worst in so many Christians?
The very fact that bringing up flat earth exhibits such hostility, might not prove anything, but it should be an eye-opener for starters that us “flat earthers know something”. I have been evangelizing for 12 years, and one thing you see is certain mantras repeated over and over and over when you share certain truths. I see a similar mantra coming out of those opposing the biblical model for a flat, non-spinning, circular earth with a dome firmament above and small moon and sun and stars inside the firmament. Mantras I find are lies the devil puts in front of people from coming to a particular truth.
The devil is the god of this world and is an expert making the simple truths of God look foolish and make his lies look to be powerful truths. It takes faith to believe we came from an explosion and came from a magic sea billions of years ago and that our Grandfather was a monkey. But to believe that lie means you are “educated and intelligent”, ie, the PRIDE OF LIFE.
IF he can lie about the age of the earth and get people to believe a silly big bang created all of this, could he not lie about the shape of the earth and the what the earth is? Why would he lie? Evolution and spinning globe make us cosmic accidents and give most people an excuse that they are not accountable to the creator. And so they willingly put themselves under accountability to the government. When we have no God to account to, we make good slaves to the system.
The fact that just as atheists boldly attack a God they claim doesn’t exist, people attack the flat biblical immovable earth believers with just as much fervor should count for something. The very fact flat earth sends people into a tizzy should at least suggest that this truth is something you instinctively know and just can’t accept or admit.
I would not feel bullied if I simply wrote how I now think the earth sits on a turtle. I would not hear people begging me to shut up because people are worried it will make people reject the bible. I have been witnessing for 12 years and they already reject the bible. Flat earth will not change that. But it will make it clear that to believe the bible, you must turn your back on everything you are being taught. And it will make it clear that you can take the bible literally and not have to compromise because you are intimidated by the “experts”.
The questions and everything I am stating above are “deep” and “thought provoking” yet to treat my questions as foolish and treat me as a lunatic simply because I and thousands of others are now questioning the “accepted truth” of today, without at least accepting that you yourself could be the one wrong — especially when before I was mocking flat earthers just like you are — should be of concern, and showing a great unwillingness to be biblical and prove all things.
Throughout history, the one true truth is the majority is never right about anything. Why would this be different?
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