In everything give thanks

Two things I believe God is working on me with is 1) being more thankful and 2) giving Him more of the glory, and credit for successes, etc.

At Sunday school today a clear contrast was made from a Pastor with years of experience. He had said that in almost all circumstances if you compare 2 families that raise families “for God” in church, he will be able to accurately predict which one where the kids “turn out right”. All based on one common denominator.

Doctrine is important, but it is not the “key” to success.

There will be usually one single ingredient in the family that has their kids that do not turn their backs on God. It is not the family with stronger convictions, nor who knows more bible, nor who dresses better or attends more church. It is the family that is thankful and has a lifestyle of praising God that makes the difference.

And often times when we have good doctrine, we have lousy unthankful attitudes. “God thank God I am not like so and so.” We can think we deserve the Grace of God. The point is the grace of God is undeserving!

God gave me a neat idea to witness tonight that seems to help in this area. I had some tracts on me, and I keep business cards in my wallet for when I run out of tracts.

When I was handing out the ETVFC cards, I simply said with all honesty, “God has given me a talent to write, and instead of making money off of it, I want to give this to you as a gift.”

They took a card, and were thankful, too.

Praise the Lord!

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