Building bridges, not walls

Wrote this to a friend I went to school with and am having a hard time reaching with my FB posts. Thought many of you would get a better idea where I am coming from.  On this website, I am more anonymous, but see my hear.  Even if I don’t know who you are, I want to not get in the way of you knowing JESUS, either knowing Him better, or meeting Him for the first time.

I want to build a bridge to God, not a wall.

This is what I had written a friend:

I appreciate you getting back to me. All i can assume is everyone is against me when no one responds. I am over-the-top but there is a method to my madness. I understand how it comes across, but just know i am very very anguished for all of you — I am very very grieved I cannot convey the truth better.

There is solid evidence for almost every single belief i hold — but it goes against every thing we are conditioned to believe. Take dinosaurs — the name came about in 1860. Before that they were known as dragons which is a bible word. You have dragon legends all over the world. Today, they find T rex bones with blood still intact. Real science proves they are not millions of years old. but that is what we are brought up to believe.

Many of the truths i discovered have eternal consequences to them. Say we both had our life savings invested in a company — and I find out behind the scenes it is all a scam. I can just quietly get my money out and leave you alone, but if I truly cared, i would try to get you to listen as well, and protect your future.

That is all i am doing. i might not have everything figured out, but i know enough to know that I can’t just stand by and let everyone fall off to hell. I am very sorry it comes across that i am a raving lunatic on this thing. But if you were to sit down with me and give me, say an hour of your time, you would at least see where I am coming from

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