Why Revival is a Long Shot

I think most Christians in America today want to live in the clouds or with their head in the sand.  We either have no clue anything is wrong and think everything in Christianity and America is wonderful.  Or  we can’t handle the truth so we numb our minds in the affairs of this life and immerse ourselves in the distractions of our day.   Lord of the Rings.  MasterChef.  NFL.  Disney.

I am guilty of living in fantasy land trying to stay sane knowing the world is going to hell and no one seems to care.  I don’t mean to be negative, but this thought I was thinking about this past week.  OK, so we know the world is going to hell.  OK, so we know the rapture is any moment and Jesus is coming.  We know WWIII is going to hit any day now.  And the lost world around us is oblivious to it and lives their lives without giving these things one thought.

My point?

So does much of the church.

I attend a strong preaching church where you hear Jesus is coming.  You hear stirring messages to get out and proclaim what the Bible says.  You are told there is a literal lake of fire for all unbelievers.

Yet, in general, there is little awakening of souls.  There is some stirring of emotions,  there is some passion for church, but today it seems even the ones exposed to the strongest messages and the clearest messages are growing dark and cold.

If the church doesn’t wake up, what hope does the rest of America have?

If the leaders think everything is wonderful despite us growing more and more in love with the things of this world, despite our getting weaker and weaker, despite our love for the brethren getting more and more skeptical, what hope does anyone else have?

You might see some people get more interested in the lives of others.  That used to be a good thing.  Far too often today, it is only because that person just joined the latest network marketing gimmick.  A lot of us only come to church now because it is good business.

The Bible says you cannot serve God and mammon.  (money)  God doesn’t change.

Sadly, we are.   And the church has it’s head in the clouds, pretending everything is fine.

And Christians who are trying to wake it up are labeled, rejected, and made to feel they are the enemies.

We are not.  Just some of us want something real.  Even if it costs us everything.

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