The King James Bible

What is ironic is how the modern crowd cries for unity, yet if everyone had the same bible, there would be unity.  I was saved for 3 years and faithfully read my NIV but I would continually see the notes say such and such a verse was not in the “older manuscripts” but in my heart I knew it was supposed to be there.

I later read “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  I didn’t see many free, so I believed we weren’t seeing much truth.  so I went on a 30 day “only KJV diet” believing that if it was just one of many versions, what was the harm?  after the 30 days, “I knew that I knew that I knew” that this was the real Word of God.   Then I started to find the supportive evidence for why I was KJV but it was already after God already confirmed it in me.   You can see some of that evidence, and where there are missing words, key verses removed, and even true contradictions in the modern translations in my article “Where’s the Beef?” on the article page.

Just as Jesus is one way and we lovingly share that truth, the KJV is the only pure translation in English.  One way to heaven, one version in English.  One Word that became translated into flesh, one Word of God on paper translated into English.

Truth is always accepted by the minority and to whom much is given, much is required.  we that have the KJV have the undiluted, uncompromised word, but we also need to take it that step further and obey what we believe.


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