Be THOU my Vision

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that Where there is no vision, the people perish.

I have a vision.  I have a dream.

Before I had both one of the first messages I wrote was about Joseph.  The thought God gave me was this.  God gave Joseph a dream.  Through patience, obedience, and humility God allowed the dream to pass.

God has given me a dreamTo change the world.  I have been getting puzzle piece after puzzle piece these past 11 years but only recently can I start to see what the puzzle is supposed to look like.

12 full time evangelists and church planters turned the world upside down 2000 years ago.  The 12 disciples.

Today we have 12 million plus Christians and we are barely making a blip on the spiritual radar.

I believe if you had a church with 12 full time fully funded evangelists you could change the world.  And this vision can impact church after church after church.

The original version of this vision is on an older blog I had.  It was a title called “We can reach 6 billion with 6 million.”  My original vision was big.  It was also expensive.

I have the vision.  And I believe God has given me now the tool to supply the fuel for the vision.

The final piece perhaps.

More on that later. is a ministry out of a local church. Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg NY.

I now see 3 arms to this ministry when before it didn’t have a leg to stand on.

When you soon type in it will show you a screen with 3 logos to click on.  3 options.  Spiritual freedom.  Physical freedom.  Financial freedom.

Arm 1 is the discipleship and evangelism portion of it.

1.  The End Times Vol. Fire Co.

Vision :   Spiritual freedom

Churches are either in general closing or compromising.   The ones holding the fort are being bombarded by every force of hell.  When the message does go out and the rally cry is made, most of us are in too much spiritual bondage to answer it.

Theme:  Rescuing the lost.  Equipping the saved.

The How:  Evangelism through various means.  ETVFC written tracts, Chick tracts, street evangelism, college campuses, fairs, door to door and other public ministry, video presentations to bring to people we know, etc.    The website will provide training, videos, ideas, a blog, successes and failures, and a place for accountability for action and prayer.

Discipleship “1 on 2” 6-month intensive and complete discipleship with goal of fruitful church membership and training to reach the lost.  2 then reach 4, 4 reach 8, and before you know it you reach millions.  Millions can turn to billions.

2.  The End Times Health Care Plan

Vision:  Physical Freedom

Churches are either in general closing or compromising.   The ones holding the fort are being bombarded by every force of hell.  When the message does go out and the rally cry is made, many also do not have the physical health or energy to answer it.

Matthew 17:21 says Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

The ETHCP will provide say, 3 evening seminars in a church setting on health care, will promote Medi-Share health care, and will tie into evangelism.  There is a Christian Alternative to Obama Care and it is a ministry called Medi -Share.   Just going that route will provide great accountability and motivation to take responsibility for your health.

My experience as a pharmacist has shown me the errors and limitations of modern medicine.  Modern medicine says we came from chemicals millions of years ago, so why not just add more chemicals to make you better?  If this were true, why then is it the sickest people on the most medications?  Why when you give someone 5 new different medications they tend to only get worse and before long are on even more meds?  The best way I heard modern medicine explained is the car engine light coming on.  We can either unplug the light and keep driving.  Or stop and fix the problem.   Modern medicine merely unplugs the engine light.

Worse, it short circuits our need to get right with God.  Who needs the Prince of Peace during a crisis when there is a pill?  Who needs the joy of the Lord when there are anti-depressants?  Who needs God to deliver us from addictions when there is Suboxone, Chantix, and Antibuse?

Worse, our diets and our healthcare keep us in bondage.  Prayer and fasting is our #1 weapon in this spiritual war.  Yet today that is our most neglected weapon.  Most Americans cannot fast because we are addicted to the number 1 addiction in America today, SUGAR.  We fast and are more irritable than someone who just quit smoking.   We are taking longer to get to the mission field and when we finally get to the point where God can use us in the church, our bodies have betrayed us.

As far as evangelism, the seminars will have a clear gospel presentation via Power Point, but with a clear pharmacy/medical theme based on lessons I learned as a pharmacist.  Two examples are tract ideas and blog posts, Jesus is not a flu shot and Jesus is not a 2 minute Chemotherapy Drip.

3.   The End Times Savings and Loan

Vision:  Financial Freedom

Churches are either in general closing or compromising.   The ones holding the fort are being bombarded by every force of hell.  When the message does go out and the rally cry is made, most of us are not in a financial position to answer it.

Debt reduction is 1 part.

The 2nd part is a neat little part time business anyone can do but one that is changing lives.

I don’t over spend but things are getting more and more expensive.  I have found working as a full time pharmacist is not enough to support a family, church, and ministry and have a ton left to be able to say I am financially free.  Taxes are 35%, I tithe pre-tax, and when we had extra money we gave it away to help anyone who asked.  We have 1 on formula, 5 who wear diapers (3 just at nighttime), and 4 hungry boys.  I could go thru the express line at Wal Mart every 3 days and drop at least $100 each time buying only essentials!  Gas keeps going up.  So does food.  So do repairs.  We can’t keep up with inflation anymore.  Yet we now are slaves to our paychecks and are willing to give them any spiritual ground to stay employed. Most of us maybe are not selling our souls but we might as well have.

I believe I have found the path to financial freedom.  Yes we can live below our means even more and eat nothing but rice and get rid of the internet.  That plan however will not get 12 fully funded evangelists out of one church. That will not pay for $10,000 worth of tracts. That will not give the gospel out in the way my heart wants it to.

So how do you come up with a way to get 12 people fully funded?

Enter a business idea that will do just that.

How many people do you know that use gas and electric?

Would you know anyone who would want to save money on their gas and electric bills EVERY month as well as cut their bills in half?

And what if there was a way to create real residual income and money in bonuses simply by referring people to the program?

There is a company in Dallas Texas that has been around for 7 years but is already providing financial freedom for thousands and thousands of folks.  The guy who designs my gospel tracts introduced me to this company.   A guy above him had a life long home building business.  No retirement.  He started this business just 2 and a half years ago.  He has just 13 people directly under him.  And he is now earning about $10,000 a month.

He is not looking to buy the fancy toys with this.  He spends an hour and a half praying and in his Bible every morning,  and his vision is to launch Christians into full time ministry. Instead of being a burden to the church he is creating blessings.

Welcome to Ambit energy.

This is a billion dollar network marketing company that works.  They made a billion dollars in just 7 years.  They will double that in their next 2& 1/2.  And right now they are in just 9 states!

They are just getting warmed up for such a time as this.

They are nationally recognized, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get financially free.

Check out my website 

We seem to just aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim today.  Are you ready yet to fire?

There is my vision.  These are my visions.  Spiritual freedom.  Physical freedom.  Financial Freedom.

The End Times 3 fold vision. Not a bad way to prepare for the end times.

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