Ye would not!

Jesus is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  Jesus stands at the church door and knocks and if any man opens the door He will come in and sup with him.  Jesus would gather thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and YE WOULD NOT.  That will fly in the face of Calvinism and their doctrine of irresistible grace, but we are the ones who won’t come.  It is easier to put the responsibility  on God.

Blaming God started in the beginning.  Adam blamed God for the fall of man .  The woman that thou gavest me.   In the new testament, God calls it Adam’s transgression.  Adam can blame Eve, Adam can blame the serpent, Adam can blame God.  God though said it ultimately was Adam’s transgression.   Be a man and take responsibility Adam.  Man kind ever since has inherited the sin problem, the it’s not my fault problem, and the blaming God problem ever since.    You can easily tell the difference between a truly saved person and the lost of this world.  The lost thinks everyone is saved and we will all meet in heaven.  The truly saved see the true heart of man and do not like what they see.  They wonder how God could even save any of us.

The longer I serve him the sweeter he grows, is a song we sing.  That is so true and the longer I am saved the more I am in awe of how merciful and wonderful God is.  I also see how selfish I really am. I see new questions pop up and often I don’t like the answers.   Do I care about souls or do I just want to be a spiritual show off?  Do I really want to give out tracts or do I want something to blog about?  When I have my work hat on my boldness and zeal are out the window.  When I am tired and  I am busy, souls are an after thought.  I respect the laws of the land until I see I need to start work at 4pm and my GPS says my e.t.o.a. is 4:08pm.  My lost family is up and my eyes are glued to the ball game and since they rejected my wonderful truths the last time I opened my mouth to witness, I will not make waves today.  Doesn’t matter the last time I witnessed to them was 5 years ago.

I really think we would live differently, saved or last, if we were dragged over hell for 30 seconds.  If  Jesus gave the lost a chance to repent at the great white throne where every knee shall bow and the lost are bound hand and foot and cast into the lake of fire to burn ALIVE for all eternity, they would repent is sackcloth and ashes.  If Christians could spend 30 seconds after the rapture we would live a lot differently today.

9/11 was over in a day.  The spiritual awakening it caused lasted maybe a week.  Muslims are taking over the world.  They believe what they are taught, lies that they are.  It takes amazing faith to believe if I blow up a whole bunch of people I end up in heaven.  I think that is the key perhaps.  Living by faith.  But living by faith with the right object of our faith.   In Jesus above, trusting confiding in his great love, from all harm safe in his sheltering arm, I’m living by faith and feel no alarm.  There goes the song Living by faith.

Something is not working in America’s faith department.  It is that our faith is not in the God of the Bible.  We look to everything and anything but the God of the Bible and wonder why we are losing ground.   Two motivational radio personalities in NY City just committed suicide last week.  They couldn’t listen to their own show to get some motivation to live? Apparently not.  Yet America continues to not see there is a problem.  Something should click that something is wrong spiritually. What is sad is what will it take to get it to dawn on someone.

Faith.  Evolutionists have a lot of it.  They believe that if take nothing and add time, eventually you will have something.  They believe in transitional species without a speck of transitional fossils.  They believe a big bang explosion produced the order they have today.  Catholics have a lot of faith.  Jesus suddenly entered their wafer they believe even though it looks and tastes the same after.   They believe they can confess their sins to a Priest.  Yet who does the Priest confess to?  Another Priest?  And who does he go to?

My faith is small but I have a need to know sort of faith.  The object of my faith has a hand that spans the universe.  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to believe God’s word and God’s promises.  And most rocket scientists believe we evolved from monkeys even though every rocket has a rocket maker and design demands a designer.  There is more evidence for the resurrection than any event of ancient history.   It takes more faith to believe Alexander the Great existed.  My faith isn’t that great.  I simply went with the weight of the evidence and took a small 18 inch leap of faith, from my head to my heart.  My life changed and I simply experienced all the things God said would happen once I was saved.

Now where real faith happens is in the day to day living.  Real faith I believe is living for God in spite of feelings.  Taking the step into deep water when the sea doesn’t part until you take the first step.  Opening your mouth and speaking for him when you know you have already said the same thing dozens of times and they never got it before.   Trying to spend more time figuring out what to do than simply just obeying God with a child like faith.

Tonight I had one of those days.  God was trying to get my attention but I was too busy having a pity party to notice.  I was discouraged I was stuck at work when the world is lost and going to hell.  I float to various stores.  I don’t completely turn off my Christianity but usually this job is too busy to witness so I usually wait for God to open the doors.  However I tend to then pass the buck and put the blame on Him if no witness opened up.  Tonight I talked about my family, a bit about this website, a bit about church, etc.  I don’t know if I did everything I could but a big struggle I have is people I see again I tend to plant much smaller seeds than those I will never face again.  The fear of man bringeth a snare says the Word of God.  It might be fear, it might be laziness. But by the drive home I realized I didn’t even give out a tract today. I chickened out at the toll booths earlier and later when I had the opportunity was paralyzed by decision when I was faced with another chance to give a tract out at the toll booth.  You will hear all kinds of excuses in those moments.   You already gave him one.  He is too busy.  You don’t have your web address on this one. And so on.

I stopped off at Noco for gas after a whole day of really playing prevent defense and seeing the world walk all over me spiritually.  We need to keep moving forward and staying on offense or quickly we start to sink in the mire of the world.  At Noco I gave a teen on a bike a couple tracts and briefly talked to him. On the way back a guy maybe my age was heading to his car.  I gave him a tract and it turned into a conversation. He was a Universalist and PhD to boot. Universalism teaches everyone ends up in heaven.  He seemed a tad tipsy too.  He had some strong objections but God kept giving me good verses and by the end I knew at least I planted some seeds.   There I saw faith in action.  I was defeated all day and when I opened my mouth for Jesus the devils did departed and the Red Sea parted.  My faith was ignited and I went home encouraged when I was about to return defeated.

God is faithful. I am crucified with Christ and nethertheless I live, yet not I and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.  (Galatians 2:20)  Really, we live by his faith!!!!  The Catholics make faith this spooky mystery that only these super holy men can ever attain.  God says we need to just have the faith of a mustard seed or the faith of a child.  Children easily trust anyone.  Especially if they have chocolate.  Jesus comes with his arms outstretched and proved you can trust him because He died for you.  Get to know the real Jesus as revealed in the King James Bible and you will see faith is easy.  Because the object of our faith is so real.

Can you believe that?


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