What is the purpose of this website?

There are 2.

1. Rescue the lost.

2. Equip the saved.

6 billion world wide fit into either of these categories.  The majority according to Jesus Christ fit into category 1.  Most of the world is lost and on their way to hell.  That is just the byproduct of inheriting the sinful nature from Adam.  We prove we have a sinful nature because we sin.  We lie.  We use God’s name in vain.  We are prideful and want to live independent of God.  We worship anything and everything but the God of the bible naturally.  That is why we pay men millions of dollars to throw a brown ball down a green field or chase a small black circle with a wooden stick down some ice.  Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it.  The majority are lost and heading for a lake of fire, totally oblivious that the God of the Bible is real and that they deserve hell.  It took a personal encounter with the true and living God to see how good he is and how wicked I was.  Jesus wants the world saved and is not willing that any should perish.  He and He alone is the only reason World War III has not broke out yet and the whole world destroyed by our nuclear capabilities.  He is holding all this together, and trying to wake the lost up to their need for him.  He is sending hurricanes and earthquakes and twisters and a falling economy to try and get our attention.   Yet the lost continue to sleep on.

Part II is to equip the saved.  The reason the lost are asleep is we need to wake up the church.  Lost people do what they do because they are lost.  Lost people naturally serve the flesh and the devil.  We are born on the devil’s team, and that is why Jesus said YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.  When we get saved we get traded to God’s team.  We are new creatures on a New Team.  Things should change.  Unfortunately in America especially we have invented this new hybrid Christianity where you can profess you know God but by your lifestyle deny him.  This has never been true Christianity.  The saved need to first wake up and really make sure they are saved.  Most converts today are false converts who made a false profession or embraced a false Christ.   Most backsliders never slid forward, and there is something wrong with an evangelistic system today that seems to naturally create backsliders.   Revivalist Leonard Ravenhill points out that the final words Jesus has to the church is actually not the great commission.  It is the word REPENT.  (see Revelation 3).  Jesus is calling for a church revival that starts on our knees with prayer and fasting and asking God to forgive us for our materialism, our selfishness, and our self righteousness.   The church today is making more noise than ever before but never before has the church had so little impact on the morality of a country.

If Jesus is the King of Kings, why do we have so many other gods in America?  Why do we say we love Jesus with our lips but love our American idols by our actions?  Where our money goes there is our heart is basically what the bible says.  Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.  We spend hours and dollars on entertainment and pleasure and most folks go to the average church service to be entertained and get their dollar’s worth.  We don’t go to worship God, we go to show off our latest outfit and get the latest gossip and it is cheaper than a movie.

If Jesus is the Prince of Peace why do so many Christians take anti-anxiety meds?  Great peace they have which love they law says the bible.  We Christians say we believe that, yet have to take Ambien to sleep.  If Jesus came to give us life more abundantly, why do we need anti depressants?

What we claim to believe and what we prove we believe rarely adds up today.

That has to change.  Jesus is coming.

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