Once you go FLAT, you NEVER GO BACK.

Questions- Questions- Questions.

The only DIFFERENCE between “me” and “you” is I ask questions that may lead to conclusions that scare me. BUT that FEAR at times or bewilderment or MOCKING something might attract JUST MAKES HEAVEN more ATTRACTIVE and it sets you free from this MATRIX of LIES down here.

Why “YOU” prefer to be lied to is what I don’t understand.

Anyway- I am a BIBLICAL FLAT EARTHER – that means I take the BIBLE LITERALLY as a NON-MOVING FLAT YET CIRCULAR DISC enclosed by the ICE WALL we know as Antarctica and covered by the glass-like dome firmament, with a CLOSE and essentially equally sized SUN AND MOON inside and all that is real- other “planets” and stars – are all inside this firmament – and above the firmament is waters and above that is GOD’s HEAVEN. That’s it- infinite SPACE and INFINITE GALAXIES, black holes, endless suns, Super NOVAS, space exploration, landing on MARS and the MOON, satellites in space, aliens, the ISIS, — ALL of that is HOLLYWOOD special effects by FREEMASON GOVERNMENT space agencies WHO LIE TO YOU INTENTIONALLY. They are PAID to LIE – they are PAID to push a world wide CONSPIRACY because they want to control you.

So questions to ask –

If flat earth is so insane and crazy -why does pretty much anyone and everyone that really goes on an honest journey into examining if there’s any truth to this ends up becoming a flat earther?

How come not one of us has ever returned to a spinning hurtling globe once we find this out?

How is it that no matter how mesmerizing or how impressive anything NASA throws at us, it doesn’t shake us?

With all the absurd things on YouTube and all the crazy things that people believe like the Flying Spaghetti Monster- why are things like 9/11 and flat earth and info on the world wide SCANDEMIC death jab being censored from YouTube and Facebook if it’s not true? Why do FACT CHECKERS and censorship and MEDIA tackle these type of topics? Why does the MEDIA MOCK flat earth and conspiracy theories YET HOLLYWOOD movies, Rock Musicians, the Simpsons, TV stars etc treat them soberly and have the dome, flat earth, etc appear in them? Why does the TRUMAN show reveal total mind control and media induced fear and propaganda, and have the main character live in a dome and not even realize it? Why do actors that appear in movies like They LIVE or the Matrix say they are actually documentaries?

Why does the UN flag have a flat earth map?

Why is there no hint that the earth ever moves unless there’s a minor earthquake and then you know it’s moving?

Why can you go to the Bible and honestly search it out and find this lines up 100% biblically – and there’s absolutely no hint we are on a spinning hurtling globe in the Bible?? The bible clearly shows the sun moving and stars moving but not once has the earth moving.

When when you’re lost, Jesus is just one of many ways and you could care less about the exclusive claims of JESUS – or find it offensive- you will say, “Why are you so dogmatic? Are you saying all the billions believing something else are wrong? How could so few be right?”

When you believe that any Bible version is OK you’re not passionate about that Bible you own – and it’s not precious to you. But as soon as you get deep convictions to the truth of the KJV alone and you find out you can hold GOD’s PRESERVED copy in your hand you CARE.

When you believed Great Grandpa was a monkey and you came from soup billions of years ago and that the soup came alive and produced everything you see today- you learned it for a test but it wasn’t exciting. It felt hollow and meaningless. Once I found biblical creation and could take the bible literally and found the earth was 6,000 years old and man and DRAGONS lived together (word dinosaur was invented in 1800’s by Sir Richard Owen) THAT was EXCITING!!!! I was excited and to take the bible literally and add up the dates and see how they LIE to us about how old the earth is- I am still excited about that.

So why the hesitancy toward discovering the FLAT EARTH in the bible? I promise you – you will care. AND you have the opportunity to take the BIBLE by faith alone with that doctrine, and I believe GOD honors that. Anyone now today can go to the Creation Museum and believe CREATION by SIGHT. The reproach of taking a stand literally back when EVOLUTION seemed to be settled science was PAID by those who came before us. There is NO COST To take creation literally today. It’s still awesome to believe it, but why not believe where it counts. Why not take a leap of faith and trust GOD’s word over the pride of LIFE and what MAN shows you.

The adversity to this doctrine and the knee-jerk absurdity to it should prove too that this is A BIG DEAL.

It’s only not a big deal to you because you refuse to take it by faith – so you use that excuse so you don’t feel guilty.

BUT man up and embrace this!!!!!!! It is awesome. AND you are MISSING OUT on maybe one of the greatest discoveries after salvation you can find down here.


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