Burger Time

 I have asked fast-food cashiers at the drive thru if they ever heard of a Burger King Christian.
That is having it your way.
We need to have it God’s way instead.
Hell doesn’t have a drive-thru, so please examine your WAY of reaching God and see if it matches the BIBLE WAY. 
The bible says in Proverbs 14:12- 
There is a WAY which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the WAYS of death.
Don’t have it your way.
Have it GOD’s way.
Jesus is THE WAY.  
One and only one way.
His way –
or NO way.
If you are drowning in a vast ocean, and surrounded by sharks and who-knows-what-else, you wouldn’t look at the brown life boat coming to rescue you and say, “No thanks, I would prefer to wait for a blue boat instead.”
Look to Jesus.  You can’t save your self.  God can’t allow sin into heaven.   And God WON’T make an exception because you thought your way was good enough.
At the Cross the LOVE of God meets the JUSTICE of God.  Religion will not erase your sins.  Only the blood of Jesus will wash away your sins.
Told a lie?  Stolen? (value is irrelevant)  Looked with lust?  (that is adultery of the heart)  Hated someone ?  (murder in your heart)
You can’t impress God with good works.  You can’t save yourself.  You cannot REJECT or NEGLECT so great salvation and end up in Heaven by accident.  
Look to Jesus.  Call upon Jesus.  Come to Jesus.
Come his WAY.
Believe Jesus with all  your heart.
And realize HIS WAY is the NARROW WAY.  

Are you headed the RIGHT WAY?

The wrong way is the WAY of HELL. And Hell has no Drive Thru.

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