25 Titles/Tracts Coming Soon to a City near you!


Here is my plan after much prayer and seeking direction.

I see the urgency of the hour and believe that getting the message out to the people, beyond Facebook and online, is going to make the biggest impact.   Especially if others across this country and world printed out some of these messages and handed them out on a regular basis.  If I give out 3 tracts a day, that is almost a 100 a month.  If 300 of us are each giving out 3 tracts a day, that is 1,000 a month.   And so on.

Having an arsenal of well designed sharply designed full color Gospel Tracts with messages that are relevant to the current events and needs of the hour will be a good strategy I believe – especially if you also can reach people on-line, as well.

This will reach people ON and OFF line.  Later I will be able to add discipleship as well as a recovery / addiction program.  This is just phase 1.  If we are still here in a few months, then we can worry about Phase 2 and beyond.

There are more people on line, and the impact is more effective off line, hence the need for both.  If I walk into a gas station, have a good conversation, and say, “By the way, are you good at directions?” and they say “yes, where do you need to Go?” and you can say, “Do you know how to get to heaven?”     Now imagine if we all are doing that each and every time we get gas this month.  Imagine if we have some quality tracts we are excited to have at our disposal.   It becomes natural when you are prepared what to say, have seen responses so you aren’t afraid of rejection, and have something to leave them with.

Or you can ask how this pandemic is treating you and how they feel about having to wear a muzzle everywhere they go.   9/11 is coming up – ask how many buildings fell on 9/11.   Ask questions. Get them to see they don’t know things that are very important.   Have illustrations that show that good works don’t save you.  Use tracts that are topics they are interested in like the ones I am going to develop.

My plan is to raise money for this endeavor.  I have 25 titles with various themes to make into 25 full-color gospel tracts.   Then with each gospel tract, I can further develop them into a more detailed Ebook. The Ebooks can be given free to offer people to sign up for a Facebook group or email listserve.  The tracts can be printed out from this website so anyone can print them out and give them out too.

I want to spend this week starting the initial phase and raising funds for this venture.  My goal is to raise enough to cover the costs of this project (25 tracts x $200 each to design and print out 1,000 tracts is $5,000 just for that) – and I want to raise an extra $20,000 instead of having to take a pharmacist job.  Back in 2006, I had $20,000 saved up for the ministry and I donated that to Missions knowing when it was the right time, God would provide it back.  So hence, this is the time to get this started.   This needs to be done now.

Note:  These are a lot of relevant themes and topics that I am passionate about and you may not agree about a certain doctrine or not be sure of a doctrine.  I am not going to change, say how the bible says to be saved, but the topics will not overlap. So if you are not interested in learning about Flat Earth, that is fine, but you can avoid that tract if that is your preference.  I won’t bring up 9/11 conspiracy in say the salvation tracts.   And you will be able to read all of them and only give out or print the ones you really like.

Here are the Titles of the Tracts/ Ebooks

  1.  JESUS is NOT a Flu Shot
  2. The Roman’s Road /Sinner’s Prayer- Yes it’s in the Bible – but is it Biblical?
  3. American Idols
  4. Where’s the BEEF?
  5. Get back on TRACT
  6. CGI Friday’s
  7. 2 Minute Warning
  8. Who’s on First?
  9. MASK to VACCINE to MARK. The End.
  10. Don’t Recruit with the Fatted Calf
  11. Porn in the PEWS
  12. The Caveman Chronicles
  13. Flat like a Pizza, Round like a Pancake
  14. Check Engine Light
  15. Inject Disease – Expect Disease
  16. Health and Humor
  17. The BrideGroom Cometh!
  19. Scamdemic Part 2
  20. Pestilences, Pleasures, and Prophecy
  21. Hooked on JESUS
  22. AS the World Turns
  23. Redeeming the Time
  24. Turn the TIDE, LORD
  25. RX for Revival

The themes break down to the following:

A) Salvation:

Jesus is Not a Flu Shot, The Roman’s Road, American Idols, WHO’s on First.

B) Evangelism:

Get back on Tract, Don’t recruit with the fatted calf, Redeeming the Time

C) Addictions

Porn in the Pews, Hooked on JESUS

D) Flat earth/ NASA lies

As the world turns, Flat like a Pizza, CGI Fridays

E) 9/11

The Caveman Chronicles

F) Bible Versions

Where’s the beef?

G) Revival for the church

Rx for Revival, Turn the Tide, Lord

H) End Times

2 Minute Warning

Mask to Vaccine to Mark. The End.

The BrideGroom Cometh (A Wedding Invitation)

Rapture Ready

Scandemic Part 2

Pestilences, Pleasures, and Prophecy (sex trafficking will be addressed here)

I) Health/Vaccines

Check Engine Light (Confessions of a Pharmacist)

Health and Humor

Inject Disease/Expect Disease

The Ebooks and tracts will be free but that is why I would love to partner up with you.

You can choose a few options if you are interested:

  1.  A straight one time donation.  Nothing is tax-deductible at this point – consider this SEED and SUPPORT Money for me to be able to totally devote to this project.   All money will go to cover living expenses for the next 3 months or more, printing expenses, and bills I am behind in.  $25 x 1,000 people is $25,000.  Consider a one time gift of $25, $50, or $24,995.
  2. A monthly contribution of $5, $10, or $25/ month – very soon I will have the donate button on the ETVFC.org website where you can mark monthly contributions.
  3. Becoming my customer in one of the businesses I have – in select States (in North East, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, NY, Washington DC, Texas, or Illinois, by my energy customer, in US be my Sprint/Wireless customer) as long as I can save or match what you are currently paying (and the rates stay unlike other proggrams out there) And/Or use my 10% coupon code for REVIVE discount essential oils.

Let me know what you are interested in and I also would like to keep you updated via email.

I will have a Facebook fundraiser as well as a Go Fund Me type of thing up and running.  Thank you for your support!!!

Prayers appreciated too!

Mike and the ETVFC


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