God has the WHOLE WORLD in his hands – and WE WIN in the END!!!

Those of us posting TRUTH of some degree or another may feel the most isolated and most alone in this time – but God is with all of us. I think part of the Christian experience is to go through what Jesus went through – I am not JESUS but the servant is not greater than his Master – and If JESUS was rejected, misunderstood, abandoned, betrayed, and everyone forsook him, if we DON’T experience all of or SOME of that- what does it say about our Christianity?
Leonard Ravenhill asks, “Why in God’s name do you expect to be accepted everywhere? How is it the world couldn’t get along with the most Holy Man who ever lived but it can get along with you and me? Have we compromised? Have we no spiritual stature? Have we no righteousness that reflects on their corruption?”
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not easy.
I am now doing that to some of you – and some of you are doing that to me and others. I now have tons of people sending me videos that I can’t keep up with. I was regularly talking to some folks who now are bombarded themselves and “I feel abandoned by them” yet others I CAN’T SEE what I did to them, they too got lost in the shuffle.
So if someone feels slighted on my behalf, I apologize – but I also want to say the world is UNIFIED in their FALSE message. Essentially one message is coming from the media. They are all saying the same thing. That is one reason why people are locked in. They all say the same words, phrases, united in what they lock down for the most part, and hearing ONE voice – from the very Top of the food chain who only has to report to the FATHER OF LIES themselves.
We on the other hand, are piecing together clues – what part of the lies they tell us is TRUE? IT seems like everything is a hoax and we use that word, and someone KNOWS one tiny part of the media reports is 100% true and they discredit everything we say.
I don’t know what is real or not – I believe the FLU SHOT makes you test positive for Corona Virus. I believe maybe the FLU SHOT had the CORONA VIRUS. BUT I could be wrong. What if it’s all 5G.? What if the 5G gives you symptoms of flu and you go and get swabbed and the SWAB gives you the virus? What if the test for Corona goes to Bill Gates lab and they are magically made to make most test positive? What if all the numbers are all just invented from the media and only crisis actors have it?
The world will think we are nuts – and most Christians think we are nuts Simply because we have questions that may not get answers.
The rules for Conspiracy 101 I follow is this.
  1. First Rule out the impossible, if possible.
  2. Next rule out the Unlikely.
  3. Approach it like you stumbled upon a crime scene – you don’t know how they died, who killed them, what the murder weapon was, and what what the motive and how the victim got there. And there are false witnesses all around that all “know” what happened. Begin gathering clues and start putting the puzzle together if possible
  4. Listen for the official story – and see if there is a common “message” coming forth. The official story is almost always not the real story. The media and government have been proven wrong long enough that whatever they say is a full lie or more likely halt-truths until proven otherwise.
I watched a guy today with his theories and some of his stuff is good but then when I am not sure I agree is once he goes into the theory that the virus is a front for Trump taking down the evil of this world. But I don’t hate or shun him. I get secure in what I believe is true, and try and listen to other’s observations to figure out what I don’t know and I can get along. Why is that so hard? If you don’t agree with me about something, are you secure that you have the truth? Then why get mad if it doesn’t line up? You need to be secure in what you believe – and if someone pushes you and you get mad at them, you aren’t secure in it. IF someone mocks JESUS then I get fired up. If someone is a psychopath trying to take my freedoms away, then I get mad.
I think that even Trump reports to the real leaders of this world – and I think they are using this phony/exaggerated virus to shut down the world and essentially bankrupt the world and accomplish this in one full swoop or this is just the next step.
The bible 2,000 years ago talks about the last days when there is ONE world government – ONE world currency – and events that bring the world to it’s knees to accept the ONE world leader the AntiChrist.
This is more than being about American and Trump. This is the BIBLE literally coming alive because when John was shown these events which he wrote down in Revelation when he was “quarantined” on the island of Patmos- he was like God in that sense – he was outside of time.
He wasn’t just predicting what was going to happen – he literally watched the world events played out like you watch a movie.
This all is happening just like John watched it happen.
We might not know exactly what is going on, but the whole world is in God’s hands, John reported a lot of it, and as the world spins out of control,
and figuratively isn’t moving at all.
Brethren, pray. Rejoice. WITNESS. Get right with God.
Don’t isolate.
I am busy, but I am here to pray, I am here to encourage, and I am here to say, it’s going to be ok because I know how this all ends.
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