Wanted to share some lyrics from a Bro Combs song that was a blessing to my heart along with many of his other songs.    This one was from the Camp meeting, How to Survive in 2005 at Old Time Baptist Church!!!!!

“I don’t know how they make it, without the LORD walking by their side.  I don’t know how they take it, when the tears fall from their eyes.  I just don’t understand as JESUS means the world to me.  It all seems strange to me,  I don’t know… they make it.”

And really, they don’t make it.  We can live in denial and pretend we don’t need salvation, we can distract ourselves in the 24/7 entertainment that is out there, we can numb our pain with the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll of the world….or we can simply TRUST JESUS by giving HIM the keys to our lives.

Problems will still come our way  –  And often getting saved means more problems than ever because now we have a target on our back and salvation unleashes the world, the flesh, and the devil on us without mercy.

The American church message and the TV preacher message is often come to Jesus and your problems will go away-   The real biblical message is come to Jesus problems or not-  and when you get saved expect temptations, tribulations, and trials-   But Jesus won’t abandon you in them either.

Jesus is a shelter in the time of storm!

But I’d rather face the storm in the boat with the LORD than out in the waves with no anchor.  Jesus says, Come unto me.  Call unto me.

LOOK UNTO ME and BE YE SAVED says Jesus.

You won’t make it without Him.  You can’t make it to heaven without Him-   And that means Hell.   You can’t make it through this world without Him no matter how many meds they put you on or how fast you run from God.

In trials and problems and hurts and bad news –  RUN to JESUS.    Not from God.  Jesus is God.

The Bible says about Jesus – he that cometh to ME I will in no wise cast out.

You won’t make it through life without Him.  And that includes eternal life.

The devil lies and says you will.  Human nature thinks it can make it.

That is a lie.  The bible says it’s a lie.  And I will tell you by experience it is a lie!

Jesus saves!!!

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