Sure you are on the team?

Had an awesome opportunity in aisle 5 or so tonight at Wal Mart. I had to grab a few quick things after the play and around 1030 pm I went pasta the aisle where they keep the Ragu. Just don’t mind my Italian jokes as I cannoli do so much.

There was a group of about 8 teenagers there just lingering.

I had to just recount them now so I don’t exaggerate my fishing stories.

I walked up with some tracts and said “it looks like you guys are debating the meaning of life!” And the one said something about death.

It turned into a very amazing conversation. Most were listening but I could tell this one kid especially that God was working and was opening his eyes as we spoke. He started by saying he thought he was good enough and I will often use the judge illustration basically how a judge is not impressed with our good works but is going to judge the crimes committed.

And the Bible confirms that truth. The law show us our sin and our need and it is not a goal or list we can keep to try to make it to heaven. In Gods economy hatred is murder and lust is adultery. So my sins and crimes deserve death but if someone innocent offered to pay my fine instead the law can be satisfied and justice served.

The first step in finding the directions to heaven is to admit we are lost.

We talked about a few more topics and I was able to use another sports illustration that made sense to them.

An all star player can score a lot of points but if he is not on your team the points only hurt your team because he is scoring AGAINST your team. Lost you are scoring points for the devils team. So if you lost you actually are doing WORSE by doing good works because you are actually helping the cause of the devils team though in disguise.

That is why religion is so offensive to God.

Good works – known as fruit in the Bible – come naturally AFTER having your fine paid for. The wages of sin is death the Bible says but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. That is why you/he needed Jesus.

And after I finished my shopping.

The Lord truly began a clean up in Aisle 5.

Baseball season has begun. I like baseball and I like the illustrations baseball provides in evangelism. Jesus used natural things to explain the spiritual and that is a principal I use as well.

I tell people that Jesus is first base in the game of life. You can’t skip first and expect to make it home.

Religion says you can start at third base- service and run in reverse.

Jesus said ye must be born again. We don’t choose the devils team, harsh as that sounds. We are born on it because though Jesus is the God of the universe, because of Adams literal sin, the devil was given the title of god of this world.

We need to get traded to God’s team. And that starts at salvation.

In the garden good and evil were on the same tree. Likewise good works are irrelevant to God. You can run the bases faster than anyone but if you skipped first it was all in vain.

I am on the winning team but the wonderful news of the gospel is God would pick you too if you simply accept the fact He wants you on the team. Religion says only the best get picked. Religion says we shall see whether you deserve a spot.

Not Jesus.

Blessed are the poor in spirit for there is the kingdom of heaven.

That is how to join the team.

Who’s on first. Focus on The Who and not the What. What is second base and beyond.

Who is Jesus. Salvation is a Person not in performance.

He that hath Son hath Life!

Have you been to Jesus and know for sure you are on the team?


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