Stats and Solutions

The church is in Trouble. That is a capital T which rhymes with P which stands for….. PORN. Houston, and America, and everywhere else we have a PORN problem. It’s the elephant in the church. It’s the elephant in the … Continue reading

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Simplicity of Salvation

The idea of salvation is not meant to be confusing-  but “we” complicate it big time.One way we do that is by EMPHASIZING following one particular command or practice and using it NOT only as a Geiger counter for our … Continue reading

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Marriage – Marriage is what Brings us together today.

Here are some marital lessons today.Married men live longer than single men so there even are health benefits to being married!  I know I can credit Jesus and my wife for anything good coming out of me. There are great emotional … Continue reading

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The TRUTH will LEAD you to JESUS in a WORLD of LIES

The American sheeple puts up with 24/7 fear mongering from the media and obeys their every word –  but it’s 99.999% LIES – and a mix of half truths- or slight of hands. The whole world may or may not be … Continue reading

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The following are a few of the things that will not be in hell: God, the Bible, hymns, fellowship with friends and loved ones, light, answered prayer, love, kindness, grace, mercy, comfort, leisurely walks, children’s laughter, sunsets, gentle breezes, streams … Continue reading

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Prickly when we don’t get our FACE in the BOOK but stay on FACEBOOK

I would say the best word to describe me the past few days is PRICKLY. I have been prickly for a while. I definitely sympathize with those drinking the Qool Aid because you want that idea that there is someone … Continue reading

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Help for your Helpmate – and you.

Mike-the-Marital-counselor is back to bring to you some great marriage tips!    Marriage counseling is back in session! I wrote a lot of this to a group of guys on a group where they complain their wives won’t meet their … Continue reading

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Church Nightmares

God gave me this illustration out of the blue- but I will admit that I discovered a passion for cooking reality shows and one show in particular I was quite impressed with called Kitchen Nightmares.  In it, world famous chef … Continue reading

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Kung Flu Fighting

We may be Kung Flu fighting now – meaning Christian and non Christian alike are fighting and arguing over the Kung FLU – or COVID 19. This isn’t just arguing anymore – there are threats and wars and rumors of … Continue reading

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2021 – a Race to be run. The work’s  just begun. Keep our eyes on the Son.   I Do you want to hear Well, done!? Load the gospel gun!!!!! And it’s ok to still have fun!! Welcome to 2021! … Continue reading

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