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"Fast For the OLD PATHS"

Jeremiah 6:16, states, "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein."

I find it interesting that at around 600 B.C. when Jeremiah was written, that God had to plead with people to ask for the old paths. Here we are 2,600 years later, and there is nothing new under the sun.  God is still telling people to ask for the old paths.  However, in every generation there were those that walked on the old path.  When I look at the saints from the Great Awakening in the 1800's I clearly see many on the Old Paths.  Let us look back to the Old Men on the Old Paths, and look at some of their ways.  I found 4 especially---

1) Their preparation

The Bible says, in Amos 4:12, prepare to meet thy God.  Most people die unprepared and end up in hell.  However, the people of the old paths not only died prepared, but they lived prepared.  I think of Daniel who purposed in his heart, and prayed and gave thanks as he did  aforetime. (Daniel 6:10).  The Americans who prayed on 7/9, and 8/10 were the only ones ready for 9/11.  To live the old paths, we need to purpose in our heart that the Lord Jesus is coming quickly, and start fasting and praying now!

  In revivals of old, men would come 6 weeks before a meeting and do nothing but fast and pray.  Today we think that is not the best use of time.  When Charles Spurgeon preached, men in the "Spurgeon prayer room" prayed through the service.  I want the revivals of old, but I am guilty of not wanting to pay the price the men on the Old Paths paid, and I think that is our problem today.  I think we look for short-cuts, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Let us all labor to get a heart like Daniel and purpose to prepare.

2) Their patience

Those who seek the OLD PATHS realize that Christianity is measured more in decades than days.  They would lock themselves in a room and not leave until God moved, even if it took days or weeks.  They know that God is not in a hurry as we rush through life weaving in and out, looking for the fastest lane. A couple years ago, I received Bon-Ton's "AFTER Thanksgiving Sale" Circular ----the sale started the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!!  The Bible says to Wait on the Lord.  Our generation has instead wanted the Lord to wait on us, like a glorified Bellhop.  Jesus said, Surely, I come quickly.  That was over 2,000 years ago. Will we long for the patience to fast and pray the entire time until Jesus comes?









3) Their perseverance

Those on the old path didn't want everything in life fast, easy, and handed to them.  They were against the quick fixes, instant deliverances, get rich schemes, microwavable dinners, disposable relationships, drive-through break-throughs, Jiffy Pop solutions, and a spoon-fed purpose driven Christianity that has taken over far too many churches in the land. I think we are willing today to persevere but our flesh is week.  Several years ago, I planned a week long fast with a friend in Lewiston when I was working near his home.  In the middle of our fasting week, he picked me up from work and said he felt like the Lord was leading us to Olive Garden to do a Bible Study.  It sounded like the Lord to me, so we drove out there.  Olive Garden was closed.  So we went to Applebees.  I’m sure if that was God’s will the Lord would have been aware of the Olive Garden’s hours of business.   Will we be willing to wrestle with God by fasting and praying and not let go until he blesses us?

4) Their prayer

This was the secret to their power.  They knew how to get God's attention.  Today, God needs to get ours.  I remember seeing an advertisement for a best selling one-minute bible.  Yes, it bragged that you could find God in just 60 seconds each day!  So, if I got up 10 minutes early every day, I could read my Bible, do my 8-minute abs, and still have time for coffee.  Jesus said, "when ye fast".  Jesus said, "this kind cometh not out but by prayer and fasting."  The Bible commands us to pray, but the Jesus also said if we want to be his disciple, we need to deny ourselves.  Fasting is one of the best ways I think to do that.  It is the kind of prayer that causes God to take notice.  Desperate prayer. Denying prayer.  Believing prayer.  Let us pray like the saints of old, and let us not be surprised then when the fire falls.