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About Us

End Times Vol Fire Co. is a ministry that is not for everyone though all are invited to enroll!
It is free to join but there is a cost -- it will mean losing your life for the Lord Jesus Christ!
But the Lord Jesus Christ said that is how to find your life!

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What is the vision of ETVFC?

Our Mission Statement:

ETVFC is designed to recruit, revive, and reprove Bible Believers to impact a Hell bound and a world that has forsaken and forgotton God.   

Picture members world wide.
Encouraging each other -- knowing there are others out there.
Praying for one another. Pushing each other. Provoking each other to good works. Providing tips and testimonies. Posting victories.

We are entering a time in Christianity when we either get persecuted by the world or absorbed by the world.
Either we fight , or quit. Either we take a stand, or embrace the shackles the world puts on us. Either we revive or retire.

Persecution has always been good for the church, but in America, where we have so much we don't need, we seem the most unwilling to endure anything. We are spoiled, selfish, and unsatisfied with our Christianity. WE are bored, because we are bred --born again-- to fight!


The Bible answers how the world began, who made us, how we were made, why we are here, how it all will end, and where we are going when we die. The purpose of this ministry is to strenghten Christians for the final home stretch BECAUSE we KNOW how it will END --and we know the destinay of those who die without CHRIST or get left behind. We also now the END is SOON!!!!!  Jesus is coming back --even PERHAPS TODAY!--  and then the end will be here. 

Hell is real. 2 people die every second, and most people drop into hell. Christians need to be woken up, revived, set on fire, and to not let the affairs of this life cause us to be so focused on this present world we forget why we are here. When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the EARTH??

Christian, there is a war, if you'll want one! Will you enlist today?